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Community’s Tribute, A Pt 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221724-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963,1960s

Country: USA

Location: Pennsylvania,Philadelphia

TC Begins: 08:29:14

TC Ends: 08:58:50

Duration: 00:29:36

Community’s Tribute, A Pt 2 of 2 Continued... Television broadcast of JFK memorial service held in Philadelphia on 24Nov63, two days after assassination. Facenda introduces Thomas S. Tull, British counsel to city of Philadelphia. 08:29:26 Tull speaks, gives eulogizing: “...This is a universal tragedy”. 08:31:56 Facenda introduces Jose Ferrer who reads ‘Escapist Never’ by Robert Frost. 08:33:19 Facenda introduces Governor of Pennsylvania William Scranton who speaks. “...the First Lady grieves with a courage all will admire...This generation of Americans has lost forever the easy privilege of deadening that conscience w/ the narcotic of complacency...God bless him and God help us” - pan across audience looking very cold. 08:37:42 Choir sings “My Lord What A Morning (?)”. 08:40:28 Facenda introduces Governor of New Jersey Richard J. Hughes who makes speech: “...now John Kennedy belongs to history...His was a search for justice for the poor, the retarded, for the underprivileged, for the handicapped, for all those in need of help from their fellow Man...” 08:45:19 Facenda introduces Senator Joseph Clark Jr. who makes speech re “A friendly man committed to the causes of peace, of freedom...” 08:47:52 Choir sings; shot of military Honor Guard. Pan of choir. 08:52:48 John Facenda addresses audience - refers to assassination of Lincoln. Rabbi ? leads prayers - “calls Kennedy an “Inspiration to an insecure generation”. 08:57:32 Tilt up to clock tower as military band plays; audience stands w/ hands over heart. End w/ title over flag at half staff. US Presidents - John F. Kennedy; Presidential Memorial Service; 1960s Fashions; 1963; Eulogy; President Kennedy; NOTE: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate. Sourced from two-inch videotape, occasional drop-outs & glitches in source material.

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