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Go To Germany: A Nation Welcomes President John F. Kennedy R1 Pt.2

Reel Number: 221099-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Germany,West Germany

Location: Bonn,Cologne

TC Begins: 02:10:07

TC Ends: 02:20:27

Duration: 00:10:20

Go To Germany: A Nation Welcomes President John F. Kennedy R1 Pt.2 23-25Jun63 Kennedy speech from podium in Cologne: “I bring you greetings from the citizens of America including Cologne, Minnesota...it is sometimes said there are too many Kennedys in public life, but I am sure no one has made that complaint about the Adenauers here in the city of Cologne...” 02:12:36 Adenauer makes light-hearted speech - VO explaining Kennedy’s joke about number of Adenauers in city. Motorcade through crowd - Kennedy & Adenauer stand in back of car - high shot outside cathedral - Kennedy inside for Mass - architectural details shown. VIPs out of cathedral after service - huge crowds as motorcade moves past. 02:15:35 LS Bonn - street scenes w/ banners ‘Welcome President Kennedy’ & ‘Deutschland grusst Kennedy’ - market in town square w/ commemorative stamps on sale - US flags put up - crowds wait for Kennedy - news camera crew sets up equipment. PoV along highway past sign to Bonn & Koblenz - motorcade arrives in Bonn past old city gate - top shot through huge crowd in square. 02:18:05 JFK speech outside city hall - “...a great half circle stretching from Berlin to Saigon... we will keep this free world free until the day comes...that the ‘disease of liberty’ stretches throughout the world...the city of Bonn is the capital of the free world...” - applause - Kennedy enters name in ‘Golden Book’ - presented w/ Beethoven records. Motorcade through crowd past cinema advertising ‘John F. Kennedy in Patrouillenboot PT109’ - VO “two million people” lining streets of Bonn. Cold War. Anti-Communism. Diplomacy. State Visits - US Presidents. Federal Republic of Germany. 1960s.

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