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Go To Germany: A Nation Welcomes President John F. Kennedy R1 Pt.4

Reel Number: 221099-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Germany,West Germany

Location: Frankfurt,Hanau

TC Begins: 02:30:41

TC Ends: 02:39:25

Duration: 00:08:44

Go To Germany: A Nation Welcomes President John F. Kennedy R1 Pt.4 23-25Jun63 Kennedy speech from podium at Hanau air base - “...never in history has a country has had so many of its sons serving so far away from their own land in a time of danger not for the purpose of conquest but for the purpose of freedom...these days we depend upon God and also we depend upon our soldiers”. 02:32:17 Frankfurt scenes - police hold back huge crowds waiting for Kennedy - all vantage points taken - medics carry woman w/ heatstroke - another woman on stretcher. Motorcade arrives through old section of city - top shot showing motorcycle escorts. 02:34:46 Kennedy speech in front of town hall - quotes Abraham Lincoln - “no one can tell in the future whether there is a storm coming for all of us...we believe in God and we are ready” - applause - Kennedy on walkabout through town square w/ heavy bodyguard & entourage inc. CU sister-in-law Princess Lee Radziwill. Kennedy shaking hands w/ crowd. 02:36:15 Good CU Ludwig Erhard smiling & greeting crowd. Top shot JFK among crowd. St. Paul’s Church - Kennedy arrives w/ VIPs. Kennedy speech at podium “our constitution is old, and yours is young, our culture is young and yours is old, but in our commitment we can and must speak and act with but one voice...we have sacrificed too much to disdain the future now” - quotes Goethe - standing ovation. Cold War. Anti-Communism. Diplomacy. State Visits - US Presidents. Federal Republic of Germany. 1960s.

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