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Go To Germany: A Nation Welcomes President John F. Kennedy R2 Pt.1

Reel Number: 221099-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Germany,West Germany

Location: west berlin,wiesbaden

TC Begins: 02:39:37

TC Ends: 02:49:56

Duration: 00:10:19

Go To Germany: A Nation Welcomes President John F. Kennedy R2 Pt.1 26Jun63 German Air Force aerobatic display - high shot Air Force One jet at US air base in Wiesbaden - Kennedy onto jet & takes off for flight to West Berlin. Flags of US, Berlin & France. Presidential jet arrives at Berlin-Tegel military airport - JFK off plane greeted by VIPs & welcome ceremony. 02:41:27 MCU Kennedy speech extract “we come to a city which we feel to be part of us”. West Berlin street scenes - crowds wait for Kennedy - motorcade through suburbs, Germans on bicycles following alongside - waving from balconies. Motorcade through city - ticker-tape. Tracking shot past building w/ windows bricked up - street sign Bernauer Strasse - woman walks dog next to Berlin Wall - women look at wreaths laid below bricked-up building - barbed wire fences & No Man’s Land - top of Brandenburg Gate seen across barbed wire. Brandenburg Gate hung w/ red banners & Communist placard wheeled in front - ‘When will these pledges be fulfilled in West Germany and West Berlin, President Kennedy?’. Guard next to sign ‘Achtung! Sie verlassen jetzt West-Berlin’. Motorcade turns onto 17th of June Street. Communist camera crew sets up from across barriers. Kennedy onto podium opposite Brandenburg Gate. Motorcade leaves area past huge crowds. 02:45:49 Signpost Friedrichstrasse - pan down to Checkpoint Charlie - sign ‘Allied Check Point’ - JFK through crowd, looks across to West Berlin from viewing platform - more Communist propaganda billboards visible. Convoy through West Berlin streets w/ motorcycle escort - more cheering crowds. Monument to Berlin Airlift in front of Templehof Airport. Ticker tape & balloons as motorcade moves slowly past - FBI agents alongside car. 02:48:50 High pan across square packed w/ 300,000 Berliners in front of Schoneburg city hall - crowds surging. Adenauer speech from large podium decorated w/ flags & banners. Cold War. Anti-Communism. Diplomacy. State Visits - US Presidents. Federal Republic of Germany. 1960s.

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