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International Zone: 18th Year Part 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221657-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Canada,Indonesia,Malaysia,USA,Yemen

Location: Hollandia,Kota BAru,New York City,Sana’A,West Irian

TC Begins: 22:12:03

TC Ends: 22:26:14

Duration: 00:14:11

International Zone: 18th Year Part 2 of 2 Alistair Cooke in map room of UN headquarters. Pointing to Yemen on map. Aerials of desert & canyons. Capital city Sana’a; northern Royalist village. 22:12:55--22:13:00 Ibn Saud CU. 22:13:01 Yemen city & village scenes. UN arrival of 200 UN soldiers in jeeps, in light United Nations plane. CU telegraph key; maps & 50 Royal Canadian Air Force troops. Patrolling barbed wire fence. Oct63 Pierre P. Spinnelli appointed UN special represenative to Yemen. UN jeep across desert. 22:14:54 01May63 Hollandia became Kota Baru, Malaysia; & territory of West New Guinea became Indonesian province of West Irian. UN had overseen governance for nine months. Dutch leaving on ship, Oct62. Arrival of UN soldiers. Russian civil engineer overseeing public works. Iranian diplomat Dr. Jallal Abdell (sp?) oversaw. 22:16:18 Cooke at West Irian on map. Points out new Federation of Malaysia; UN mission went there & to South Vietnam to see if Buddhists have religious freedom & human rights. 22:17:33 South African Race Question, apartheid, being discussed in UN. 22:18:13 South African delegate asking UN to stay out of its politics; most delegates walk out during speech. 22:19:15 Hailie Selassie of Ethiopia speaking to General Assembly of need for racial equality, translated. 22:20:13 Cooke in map room. Aug63 signing of nuclear test ban treaty in Moscow & U-Thant giving airport statement re general disarmarment.. 22:21:17 Night exterior of United Nations. Interior General Assembly opening. 22:21:45 Adlai Stevenson speaking of President Kennedy after assassination. 22:23:16 Sept61 JFK speaking after Hammarskjold’s death. “...UN lives...” 22:25:36 End credits 16:27:12 End 1963; United Nations Peace Keeping; Apartheid; Segregation; War;

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