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Kennedy, Joseph - Statement on War Probability

Reel Number: 221678-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: USA


TC Begins: 14:14:01

TC Ends: 14:19:25

Duration: 00:05:24

Pre-WWII, Kennedy, Joseph - Statement on War & Support of Roosevelt, 1940 MS Kennedy at podium w/ CBS mic. “This evening I am going to tell you briefly what I think of the world situation as it affects America. The people of America are dedicated to the cause of peace; they want a chance to work out their own problem, & if possible, to help in the realization of the age old dream of a world w/o war. The American people...repudiate the philosophy of Blitzkrieg - that force is the sole arbiter of man’s destiny...but the world unfortunately is not of our making”. Repeat. 14:15:40 “In place of negotiation & peaceful methods of adjustment the dictator countries have discovered a new weapon: unbridled force & terrorism....reason has fled, diplomacy has almost become the lost art. The think that matters most now is not in the field of diplomacy... 14:16:35 “Even the most staid isolationist is now alive to the danger... 14:17:00 “The realization that oceans alone are not adequate against revolutionary forces... 14:17:11 “We are re-arming...it is today our guarantee of peace. ...this is today a machine war it is not a war of men, it is a war of industry....3,000 miles of ocean while handy of itself is not enough protection...” 14:18:16 “...our children & your children are more important than anything else in the world...in light of these considerations I believe Franklin D. Roosevelt should be re-elected President of the United States.” Repeats. Isolationism; Diplomacy; FDR; Pre-WW2; Anti-War;

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