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No Nukes Pt. 5 of 8

Reel Number: 920003-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1979

Country: France,USA

Location: Black Hills,DC,New Hampshire,New York City,rocky flats,Seabrook,South Dakota,Washington

TC Begins: 12:50:18

TC Ends: 13:03:03

Duration: 00:12:45

No Nukes Pt. 5 of 8 Interview w/ Dr. John Gofman about effects of low level radiation & rate of cancer deaths. 12:50:37 Interview w/ people at anti-nuclear rally. Debate between pro-nuclear person & anti-nuclear man in clown make-up. Interview w/ Kristie Conrad one of the Seabrook, NH occupiers re people voting in Seabrook against the plant. Interview w/ Carlene Peruse re Seabrook vote. 12:52:22 “Entering Seabrook” sign. People playing on beaches. Rennie Cushing & other Seabrook occupiers speak. Silver shovels dedicating ceremony at Seabrook, NH. Press conference w/ New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thompson about town vote being illegal. Tony Santasucci, Seabrook resident, on why the vote should count. 12:53:31 Sign: “Welcome to South Dakota”. Pan over Black Hills. Int. w/ South Dakota rancher re nuclear waste. Anti-nuclear protester in Connecticut. Shots of anti-nuclear activity & demonstrations. Solar rollers on rollerblades on New York street. Balloon vendor. American flag against sign. 12:55:07 Ralph Nader talking about evacuation plans at press conference. Seabrook demonstration. Black Hills march. Spinning Globe intro to the Big Picture from the US Army. More of the Chaplin reassuring soldiers that they are safe. Troops marching past. Soldier eating in silhouette. Stills of various presidents -Truman, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Carter. 12:56:22 Jackson Browne marching w/ Native-Americans in Black Hills. Anti-nuclear demonstration in France. John Trudell, Native-American activist, speaking to South Dakota rally. Balloon release at Rocky Flats, Colorado. Anti-nuclear rally in front of Capitol in Washington, DC Song by James Taylor “Stand and Fight” in background. 12:56:40 James Taylor backstage. Tim Sexton talking w/ Madison Square Garden guy. James Taylor performing “Stand and Fight” on stage & audience applauding. 12:58:18 Interview w/ Gil Scott-Heron backstage on how he wrote song “We Almost Lost Detroit.” 12:58:42 Gil Scott-Heron performs “We Almost Lost Detroit.” 13:01:26 Musicians backstage rehearsing “Power”. Backstage conversations. Graham Nash w/ wife & child. Political demonstration; Anti-nuclear; Pop music; Protest songs; Fans; Performances; Arguments; Pro-Nuclear Power;

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