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President Kennedy Visits Point Mugu

Reel Number: 220986-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1963

Country: USA

Location: CA,point mugu air base

TC Begins: 22:00:11

TC Ends: 22:09:56

Duration: 00:09:45

President Kennedy Visits Point Mugu MS Presidential helicopter lands at Point Mugu air base, California; LS ramp opens, Kennedy and Gov. Pat Brown emerge, greeted by Adm. Clark and civilian dignitaries; Kennedy meets dignitaries and walks across tarmac w/ high-ranking to platform w/ microphone; climbs platform, Clark says a few words into mic. 22:02:28 HA Large crowd rushes towards Presidential plane; JFK at foot of steps saying goodbyes; climbs steps of 707, turns and waves to crowd. 22:03:03 MS JFK on platform making speech into mic., guards on either side, crowd in BG. Naval officer and civilian walk past large building. Line of Naval and Marine officers in khaki uniforms. MS JFK walks to aircraft in crowd, shaking hands; boards 707. Aircraft taxis, fire trucks follow. 22:04:22 Large crowd await JFK. JFK moves through crowd, MCU signs autographs and shakes hands. Crowd behind barricade guarded by Navy sentries. Vars banners held by crowd inc. ‘JFK Ventura Co Welcomes You’. Boy in wheelchair on other side of barricade, speaks to Naval officer. Boy in pink shirt holds sign ‘1st Pres. in 60 yrs to come see us...Thanks’, parked cars in BG. People walk across tarmac, past school buses; elderly man in wheelchair pushed along. 22:07:30 LS Presidential plane lands on runway. VS smaller crowd behind barrier w/ banners inc. ‘Howdy to our President JFK’; mothers w/ children waiting to see JFK. Boy holds sign ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ w/ newborn baby hanging from stork’s head. MS Marine band from 29 Palms plays next to hangar w/ sign ‘Pacific Missile Range’; VS band play, bandmaster conducts. Cold War.

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