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President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 3 of 8

Reel Number: 221101-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Canada,Germany,West Germany

Location: FLIEGERHORST KASERNE,Hanau,west berlin,Wiesbaden AB

TC Begins: 05:08:01

TC Ends: 05:18:10

Duration: 00:10:09

President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 3 of 8 26Jun63 LS JFK & party in open cars inspecting troops & equipment at Fliegerhorst Kaserne Post in Hanau; President Kennedy onto review stand, giving short address, & leaving by car w/ Gen Landon & others - high angle shots. 05:10:30 LS pan across city of Wiesbaden - shows Gold Dome of Russian Church. Street scene w/ modern buildings & traffic - pan right to city limits sign ‘Wiesbaden Innenstadt'. Pan up to Gold Dome of Russian Church. 05:12:07 Brandenburg Gate - entrance archways blocked w/ huge red banners & East Berlin flag - large sign on truck erected by Soviets re Yalta promises made by US Presidents. HA shot press area. High shot arrival of President Kennedy escorted by motorcycle police. JFK, British Army Comdt Maj Gen David Peel-Yates, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Mayor Willy Brandt & US Army Aide Brig Gen Clifton climbing steps to platform overlooking East Berlin & Brandenburg Gate - intercut with scenes of press, TV cameramen & spectators. President Kennedy's party & buses leaving in huge convoy led by truck crowded w/ cameramen. 05:16:13 Tracking shot through West Berlin streets showing spectators along route - Clay Allee - red carpet on platform being swept. President Kennedy arriving led by huge police motorcycle escort & speaking after introduction by Maj Gen James H. Polk, Comdt, Berlin - others on platform include Brig Gen Clifton, Gen Lucius D. Clay (Ret) and unid. US Brigadier General. State Visits - US Presidents. Cold War. Federal Republic of Germany. Military Aviation. 1960s.

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