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President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 4 of 8

Reel Number: 221101-07

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Germany,West Germany

Location: FLIEGERHORST KASERNE,Hanau,west berlin,Wiesbaden AB

TC Begins: 05:52:41

TC Ends: 06:02:41

Duration: 00:10:00

President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 4 of 8 25-26Jun63 Effect scenes of presidential US Army helicopters VH-3A No. 3 & No. 1 landing on lawn at General Von Steuben Hotel - shows reflections from glass window of people watching, President alighting from helicopter & being met by Gen Landon. President & Party entering General Von Steuben Hotel. 05:56:51 LS crowd & placard ‘Goldwater For President’. LS pan right w/ JFK & party escorted along parade route by motorcycle police - ‘Prasident Kennedy!’ placard held up & German band playing. President Kennedy, US Army Aide Brig Gen Clifton, Dean Rusk & Gen Landon leaving General Von Steuben Hotel by back entrance - shows crowd. 06:00:17 Good shots little boy sitting on tractor in field w/ several miniature US flags; Presidential jets VC-l37C and VC-l37A taking off over camera - field in FG & tailaway shots of each aircraft - Wiesbaden AB - late evening. LS HH-43 helicopter w/ FSK in fly-by to left. JFK & party escorted by motorcycle police on highway R-L. Presidential jets in flight to right - men w/ binoculars in FG. State Visits - US Presidents. Cold War. Federal Republic of Germany. Military Aviation. 1960s.

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