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President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 5 of 8

Reel Number: 221101-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Canada,Germany,West Germany

Location: FLIEGERHORST KASERNE,Hanau,Wiesbaden AB

TC Begins: 05:18:18

TC Ends: 05:25:15

Duration: 00:06:57

President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 5 of 8 25-26Jun63 Wiesbaden AB - flight crews standing & saluting in front of F-101A, RF-101, F-102A, RB-66, KB-50J, C-130 and C-l24 aircraft & four missilemen of the 58th TAC M. Wg in front of MGM-l3B (Mace TM-76A) during dry run prior to JFK’s arrival. 05:19:54 Fliegerhorst Kaserne Post, Hanau - US, West German, Great Britain & French color guard; US Army VH-3A helicopter coming in for landing; 21-gun salute; President Kennedy reviewing troop line w/ US Troop Comdr followed by Gen Landon & Gen Freeman. Also shows party returning to platform, leaving by car, inspecting troops & returning to review stand. Press photographers; news camera on cherry picker. 05:22:27 US 7th Army MPs & crowd. JFK & Gen. Freeman in motorcade past MPs en route to 54th Trans Bn Consolidated Mess Hall. JFK walking on sidewalk, meeting US VIPs; party entering and leaving mess hall; President shaking hands w/ servicemen behind roped-off area; cutaway shots of crowd. 05:24:05 Presidential party w/ Ludwig Erhard, escorted by motorcycle police, moving down Wilhelmstrasse, Wiesbaden - intercut with shots of crowd & people on balcony; German & American flags & ticker-tape. Police form chain to hold back people trying to run after motorcade. LS Kurhaus lit up at night w/ fountain in FG. State Visits - US Presidents. Cold War. Federal Republic of Germany. Military Aviation. 1960s; 1963;

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