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President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 6 of 8

Reel Number: 221101-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Germany,West Germany

Location: west berlin,wiesbaden

TC Begins: 05:25:15

TC Ends: 05:33:33

Duration: 00:08:18

President Kennedy Visits West Germany - Reel 6 of 8 26Jun63 West Berlin: People w/ banner on balcony ‘Welcome John F. Kennedy’. JFK past Checkpoint Charlie, US military personnel saluting; President talking with unid. US Brigadier General - West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt in BG. MS low angle Brandt, President Kennedy & Maj Gen Polk at vantage point looking toward East Berlin. MS high angle press cameramen in action. MS low angle Chancellor Adenauer, JFK, Maj Gen Polk & Brig Gen Clifton leaving platform. Spectators cheering and throwing shredded paper - pan down to Brandt, Kennedy & party leaving. 05:27:19 MLSs & MS Berlin Wall & crossing with Vopo standing guard - Soviet placards visible. 05:27:54 JFK’s arrival & departure at Clay Allee near US Headquarters - shows President speaking, intercut w/ crowd & their reactions; VIPs on speakers' stand inc. Gen Clay (Ret), Maj Gen Polk and other US officials. 05:29:24 USAF AP waving traffic & Presidential party through main gate at Wiesbaden AB. Good tracking shots of JFK w/ Gen Landon in cars inspecting static display & crews of F-l00 w/ AGM-l23 (GAM-83A), F-101, RF-101, F-102, RB-66, MGM-l3B (TM-76A), KB'-50J and C-l30A - intercut with ELS of fly-bys to right of KB-50J refueling F-101, RB-66, F-l00, four F-102s, F-101s & two F-l00s. President shaking hands w/ people behind fence, walking through AF honor guard, bidding farewell to military officials & boarding Air Force One. State Visits - US Presidents. Cold War. Federal Republic of Germany. Military Aviation. 1960s.

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