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President, The (LBJ) - Before Manila: September/October 1966 (Pt. 3 of 3)

Reel Number: 221607-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1966

Country: USA

Location: CApe kennedy,DC,Florida,New Jersey,New York City,newark,NYC,Washington

TC Begins: 01:59:42

TC Ends: 02:10:42

Duration: 00:11:00

The President (LBJ) - Before Manila: September/October 1966 (Pt. 3 of 3) 26Sep66 Erhard motorcade arrives at White House to talk about troop levels in West Germany & NATO participation. Boarding plane & inflight to Florida to tour NASA. Interior of presidential plane (Air Force One), Robert McNamara & all talking seen in CU. Landing at Cape Kennedy. Interior of launch complex 19; POV past buildings. Interior of launch control center & presentation showing rocket models w/ LBJ voice over about the space program; talking to employees in large hanger building. View up rocket in stand. Leaving at night. Empty White House interior w/ teletype machines. 02:03:15 Daytime ext. of rainy White House for arrival of historian, poet & President Leopold Senghor, Senegal. Honor guard, standing at attention as band playing. 02:03:55 LBJ off plane in New York & visit to United Nations. Sunny day and crowds outside, leaving building w/ Dean Rusk & U Thant. Arthur Goldberg seen. POV of cars into Hudson River Lincoln Tunnel to Newark, New Jersey for political rally. Campaign speech about Great Society programs vs Republican platform of fear. 02:05:40 LBJ returns on Marine helicopter, greeted by two dogs. Stills in W.H. w/ Gromyko 02:06:38 Motorcade; onto platform speaking at Social Security HQ near Baltimore, announces increase in benefits. Along Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue & motorcade across Verrazano Narrows Bridge; speaking VO “...Republicans are afraid of their own shadow & of progress.” Nassau County. 02:08:19 Campaigning in Wilmington, Delaware; motorcade thru & speaking in square. Crowd watching & speech heard. 02:09:33 17Oct66 Dulles Airport leaving for Manila Conference. Dean Rusk in CU at lectern w/ LBJ & Lady Bird, Hubert Humphrey and Dirkson seen. Lyndon Baines Johnson; Presidential Campaigning; Presidential entertaining; Vietnam War; NASA; Dictators; State Visits;

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