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Russian Coverage: US Civil Rights

Reel Number: 221137-17

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: USA

Location: DC,New York City,NYC,Washington

TC Begins: 19:48:57

TC Ends: 19:53:48

Duration: 00:04:51

Russian Coverage: US Civil Rights Various shots police manhandling Black youths. Riots & demonstrations. Firehoses turned on young Black demonstrators. Police w/ barking dogs; making arrests. Destroyed house? Fires burning. 19:49:59 Cartoon of KKK & Goldwater. Ku Klux Klan picket on street w/ placards “Don’t Trade Here! Owners of this business surrendered to the Race Mixers”. Klan members some not in “uniform” pass camera, burning cross. 19:50:29 Night shots New York Times Square streets w/ neon signs; movie advertisement for The Counterfeit Traitor; Man WithThe X-Ray Eyes. Police car w/ siren. Blacks riot at night & injured tenement housing w/ elevated train past. 19:51:17 Polling booth, people voting. Black demonstrators chained together. Black people demonstrate, parade w/ placards. March on Washington. Jackson, Mississippi police w/ batons make arrests. Blacks & whites voting. 19:52:20 Montage Black men & women being arrested, dragged off, harassed w/ dogs. Police brutality, water cannon, tear gas. Black & white students across road as Sheriff & men stopping marchers. Burning KKK cross on sidewalk, Klan members seated round cross. 19:53:43 President Kennedy with Jackie. Americana; 1960s;

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