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Vietnam War - 1963, Johnson At U.N. - President Urges End To Cold War

Reel Number: 250041-29

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: USA,Vietnam


TC Begins: 08:58:45

TC Ends: 09:01:12

Duration: 00:02:27

Johnson At U.N. - President Urges End To Cold War 08:58:50 Motorcade pulls into United Nations; President Johnson walks thru crowd & w/ U Thant into General Assembly. Standing applause. 08:59:39 MCU LBJ at podium SOF: “The United States of America wants to see the Cold War end. We want to see it end once & for all. The United States wants to prevent the dissemination of nuclear weapons to nations not now possessing them. The United States wants to press on w/ arms control & reduction. The United States wants to co-operate w/ all the members of this organization to conquer everywhere the ancient enemies of mankind: hunger, and disease, and ignorance. The United States wants sanity and security and peace for all. And above all President Kennedy, I am sure, would regard as his best memorial the fact that in his three years as President the world became a little safer & the way ahead became a little brighter.” Standing applause. 1963; 17Dec63; Speech; NOTE: Ask about special pricing of this card.

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