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1950s - Sports, Golf: USA Celebrity Golf Tournament

Reel Number: 220705-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950s

Country: USA

Location: Greenbrier Resort White Sulphur Springs West Virginia

TC Begins: 02:25:39

TC Ends: 02:36:29

Duration: 00:10:50

1950s - Sports, Golf: USA Celebrity Golf Tournament CU Hollywood stars ? Man with flash camera. Various shots personalities posing. 02:26:55 Very young John F. Kennedy / JFK posing w/ young woman. Aerial views golf course, building and surrounding area at Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. 02:28:30 Players board. Silver tray presented to ? Envelopes presented to two others ?. Spectators walking across golf course. 02:29:42 Bing Crosby walks across bridge with two other men followed by fans? Various indistinct shots game in progress - ball putted into puddle. Unid. couple with dogs. 02:31:12 Group of four waiting to tee off. Edward, Duke of Windsor ? plays stroke. Various games in progress. 02:32:16 Bing Crosby conducts four unid. men singing (mos) Bing and others clown around. Various unid. men tee off. 02:34:02 Good shot Wallis Simpson walking down path with two other women. Spectators watching. 02:34:25 AVs Hotel and surrounds. Golf shots i/cut with people relaxing at hotel. CU faces. Spectators. Bing and group gag around over score card. 1950s; Charity Fund-Raiser; Fundraising; NOTE: Many unidentified film stars in this item

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