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1953 - Fourth Session Of Supreme Soviet

Reel Number: 221323-06

Color: Black and White


Year / Date: 1953

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 02:15:23

TC Ends: 02:16:42

Duration: 00:01:19

1953 - Fourth Session Of Supreme Soviet Front of hall w/ leaders standing & applauding. LMS seated: Khrushchev, Beria, Malenkov and Molotov who stand to applaud - delegates stand to observe all but Malenkov and Molotov. 02:15:33 MS Khruschev and Malenkov on stand whispering. Kaganovich & Mikoyan in second row of huddle Malenkov turns & whispers. K., Malenkov & Beria talking. Voting. Ill-at-ease. Bulganin seen. Communist Leaders; Communism;

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