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1953 - USSR: Malenkov Denounces Beria, Sep53

Reel Number: 250071-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1953

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 20:08:48

TC Ends: 20:09:33

Duration: 00:00:45

1953 - USSR: Malenkov Denounces Beria, Sep53 20:08:53 View of Kremlin from across road & river. 20:08:56 Int. Delegates seated at 5th Session of Supreme of Soviets. MS of front w/ Khrushchev, Malenkov, ??, Molotov. Delegates listen. Malenkov to podium, speaking (MOS), MCU. Applause. NOTE: First session since death of Stalin.

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