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1953, USSR - Newsreel: USSR, No 59 - 1953 Anniversary Parade

Reel Number: 220539-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1953,1950s

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Red Square, Moscow

TC Begins: 11:25:45

TC Ends: 11:37:07

Duration: 00:11:22

1953, USSR - Newsreel: USSR, No 59 - 1953 Anniversary Parade Main title w/ light pattern animation behind star. Intetitles, re October & Moscow. MCU of USSR officers in uniform in front of Moscow church; dusk & spectators w/ flags. CU ornate closck Tilt down to Bulganin in army uniform standing, riding in open limousine reviewing troops. High angle over buildings. Bulganin in car continues; shots of flags; troops & large banner of Stalin & Lenin. HA of Red Square, massed troops. MLS many civilian spectators. MS men. MS Oriental men in top coats & fur hats; Russian women watching; others watching. 11:26:58 LS length of Red Square w/ lines of many troops. MS VIPS out of mausoleum / Lenin’s Tomb, crowds applaud. 11:27:24 VIPs onto & standing on reviewing stand. CU tower clock 10:00. Troops at attention; Bulganin standing in car passes another VIP in car. Various shots of cars past troops reviewing. Out of car & walking past two newsreel cameras & onto stand. 11:28:43 Bulganin flanked by many VIPs reads from papers at 5 microphones, MCU, SOF. 11:30:20 High Angle LS Cannons fired in smoke salute; troops & equipment wait in street, VIPs salute. 11:30:43 Various units of troops march in review w/ conductor leading band playing in background. Intercut w/ civilians watching & applauding; VIPs saluting. 11:32:48 HA Military trucks w/ troops reviewed, soldiers in passing trucks pulling artillery watch planes fly over. 11:33:30 Shot of Khrushchev on mausoleum saluting. Artillery, trucks, rocket launchers & troops past; half-tracks. MCU People watch, applaud. 11;34:28 Civilians march w/ banners, floats, flowers. Khrushchev & generals wave; square filled. Banners of Stalin, Molotov, Beria, Lenin, Mao & many others seen. Crowd carrying flowers wave to VIPs. 11:36:56 The End title. Soviet Anniversary Celebration; Politburo; VIPS; Patriotism; 1950s;

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