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1954 First Top Level Soviet Visit To Communist China

Reel Number: 221603-45

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1954

Country: China

Location: Beijing,Peking

TC Begins: 16:29:42

TC Ends: 16:31:42

Duration: 00:02:00

1954 First Top Level Soviet Visit To Communist China LS across city. Palace, Tiananmen Square (?) MCU Premier Zhou Enlai Ambassadors from other countries on 5th Anniversary of People’s Chinese Republic walking past camera. 16:30:01 Khrushchev w/ Bulganin, Mikoyan & others. 16:30:13 Chairman Mao walks past camera, acknowledges crowd. Massive crowd marching past waving & w/ pictures & banners. 16:30:37 MS of Mao, K., Bulganin waving. Floats pass, balloons & doves release, people applauding. 16:31:13 MLS women w/ fans dancing past. MCU. Dignitaries waving. The End. Communism; Beijing, China; 01Oct54; 1954; Diplomacy; Russians; Red China; NOTE: Good celebration; first visit by top-level Soviets.

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