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1955 - Moscow, German State Visit by Adenauer

Reel Number: 250044-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1955

Country: Germany,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 14:37:35

TC Ends: 14:42:40

Duration: 00:05:05

1955 - Moscow, German State Visit by Adenauer Molotov & others into room; Bulganin past, shakes hands w/ Konrad Adenauer, Khrushchev joins them, then sit down w/ German delegation on one side of wide table & Soviets on other. Photographers taking pictures. Soviets smiling, laughing & small talk. 14:40:20 CU German flag on front fender of Mercedes limousine; parking permit taped in windshield. Front of limo w/ license plate. 14:40:34 Ext of stone building, Soviet police on sidewalk. MCU Russians watching from across street . GOOD faces. Motion picture cameraman taking pictures of young boys. 14:41:36 POV alongside tram / trolley on street, past Kremlin tower & other Moscow buildings. Very large construction site. POV past. Diplomats; Post-WWII Diplomacy; Post-WW2; Cold War; NOTE: Adenauer visited Moscow on State Visit from 09-13Sep55. Agreement resulted to resume full diplomatic relations & trade negotiations. Adenauer also reached an agreement on the release of last 10,000 German POWs in Soviet custody.

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