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1959 - Mr. K’s Big Day, Red Carpet Welcome Opens American Tour

Reel Number: 250042-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: USA,USSR

Location: Andrews AFB,DC,Maryland,Washington

TC Begins: 10:43:55

TC Ends: 10:50:09

Duration: 00:06:14

1959 - Mr. K’s Big Day, Red Carpet Welcome Opens American Tour 10:44:00 Soviet commercial aircraft landing at Andrews AFB, Maryland. US & Soviet flags hanging; honor guard & Khrushchev wife & daughters w/ President Eisenhower walking past soldiers, sailors & marines, up red carpet & greeted by VIPs. 10:45:45 Ike & K. at microphones. Ike welcomes SOF: “...the two systems differ greatly. In our system the people themselves establish & control the government. You will find they, like your people, want to live in peace w/ Justice....” 10:47:15 K. replies briefly (not translated). 10:47:45 Mrs. K, Ike & K. share back seat of limousine. Convertible slowly leaving. 10:48:30 High angle of parade up Pennsylvania Avenue w/ marching units & motorcade. Ext. of Blair House w/ USSR flag; up steps past jostling journalists. 10:49:26 Motorcade arrives White House, waves standing next to Henry Cabot Lodge; posing w/ Ike, Nixon, Gromyko Herter & others in Oval Office. Ike looks at gifts. 10:50:02 CU K. Cold War Diplomacy; Diplomatic Visit; Firsts;

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