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1960 - Cold War, USA: Ike Reviews New Armor & Rockets; US & Egyptian Dock Strikes; May Day Parade. May60

Reel Number: 221738-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: Egypt,Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Benning,Ft,Georgia,Middle East,Moscow

TC Begins: 12:05:17

TC Ends: 12:09:12

Duration: 00:03:55

1960 - Cold War, USA: Ike Reviews New Armor & Rockets; US & Egyptian Dock Strikes; May Day Parade. May60 12:05:22 Pan grandstand. Civilian & military men around large tanks & other military equipment. 12:05:31 President Eisenhower arrives in jeep looking tired; MS officials & VIPs in grandstand. MCU General Bradley in civilian clothes sitting behind & talking to Ike. 12:05:43 Large truck & other vehicles pulling army rockets on trailers, including Honest John; self-propelled Pershing missile stops, set up. Soldier w/ shoulder mounted Red-Eye missile launcher. 12:06:24 Mobile train w/ large tired vehicles. Firing of Honest John rocket; helicopter fires missile. 06:07:01 Title: News In Brief - New York City. 12:07:07 Docked UAE / Egyptian ship Cleopatra from water; picket wearing sign: Nasser’s Blacklist Is Threatening American Seamen’s Jobs. Pan ship. 12:07:31 Egyptian harbor entrance w/ small boats, ship in middle; shore w/ large signs: Arab workers boycott American ships in protest against their illegal move. Arab dock workers. Large sign: Arab workers are strong & can hit back violently. Arabs waving fists seen from water. 12:08:09 Title: Russia. 12:08:11 HA May Day parade in Moscow Red Square; floats symbolizing peace, marchers, doves etc. Happy crowds. 12:08:24 Khrushchev & other Soviet VIPs on podium waving. Women marchers; HA of marchers filling square, balloons; MS from ground. K. w/ children waving from top of Lenin’s Tomb. Large screen picture of K. Banners & flags. Top shot crowds in Red Square for celebrations. Cold War; Celebration; Workers’ Day; Communism; Communists; Shipping; Middle East; NOTE: Narration / commentary refers to Gary Powers incident & announcement.

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