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1960s - Germany: Pared Que Divide A Berlin, La (The Wall That Divides Berlin)

Reel Number: 221357-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950s,1960s

Country: Germany

Location: East Berlin,west berlin

TC Begins: 22:24:35

TC Ends: 22:30:34

Duration: 00:05:59

Pan from Brandenburg Gate to East German (?) police digging up pavement w/ jack hammers; soldiers unloading concrete posts from army truck & striking barbed wire. Crowd watching construction, officer pushing young man. 22:25:08 Railroad track blocked, soldier w/ guard dog. Crowd of well-dressed women & men herded by police. Others sitting on ground; people sitting in large warehouse-like room w/ coats on wall & cots w/ children sleeping. 22:25:24 View along barbed wire barriers & blocked railroad. 22:25:30 Map of divided Germany. Wall on map. Animated flight path for Berlin Airlift. 22:25:45 Montage: C-54 overhead & many in flight. C-47 unloading. People waving at C-54. Tanks in street & men throwing rocks. Buildings burning. Aerial over West Berlin. People in street. Window shopping in West Berlin; shopping in supermarket; factory exterior & interior w/ heavy manufacturing; antenna tower; people watch television; standing listening to loudspeakers; listening to radio in car; 22:26:58 CU Khrushchev reading announcement to camera. 22:27:05 Montage: Men & women with bicycles on road crossing; crowd of pedestrians waiting to cross border; people siting w/ children in parks; walking w/ suitcases; sitting filling out forms; women feeding children & CUs waiting. 22:27:48 Montage: Unloading coal w/ large crane in stockpiles; stacking crates, CU New Zealand Butter, bags stacked in warehouse. USSR soldiers w/ guns & water cannons at Brandenburg Gate. Barbed wire at Gate. Tanks parked under trees in park; soldiers, police & civilians walking & looking. Water cannons, people taking pictures. Water cannon shooting at camera & people. 22:28:49 Building wall, welding; patrolling. Various views. People waving from ground, windows. Girl crying.Woman waving to people in building & crying. Boy riding bike following troops patrolling wall. Jeering East German soldiers. The End. Barriers; Walls; Isolation; Politics; Communism; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Propaganda; 950s; 1960s;

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