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1960s - Germany, Berlin Wall; Construction & Escapes, Politicians SOF

Reel Number: 220634-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961,1960s

Country: Germany,USA

Location: Berlin

TC Begins: 12:22:21

TC Ends: 12:29:33

Duration: 00:07:12

1960s - Germany, Berlin Wall; Construction & Escapes, Politicians SOF Queue in corridor, women and children. Exterior East German troops begin erecting Berlin Wall. - Pneumatic drills, barbed wire & concrete posts carried. Views thru fence to East Germany. 12:22:53 SOF Demonstrations. East German troops. Khrushchev in East German parliament. Montage of East German troops, guards smoking. Skiffle group singing political song in German. Various shots connected w/ wall - guard with periscope, people waving, people at windows. 12:24:02 Unid. politician speaking. Fences removed & wall made more permanent with bricks. Crane bringing concrete blocks & girders. 12:24:54 Lyndon Johnson visit to Berlin. Crowds cheering and shaking hands w/ Vice-President. American troops thru streets of Berlin in military trucks & tanks. 12:25:20 SOF LBJ speaking at microphone at outdoor rally. Says the Presidents promises & pledges made to the German people will hold firm. US tanks give demonstration outside checkpoint. US troops on patrol. Rolls Royce passes thru Checkpoint Charlie. 12:26:09 Night rally in East Germany, street sign: Stalinallee. Khrushchev speaking thru interpreter from balcony, Ulbricht in background. Speech over shots of wall, 12:26:50 Wooden walls / fences erected, East German police shine mirror into camera. 12:27:08 Ulbricht welcoming K. to German w/ shots of wall construction, destroying trailer home as homes in no-mans land destroyed. Crying woman. Adenauer w/ demonstrators watching. Van with loudspeaker. Last brick being put in window. East German guards shine mirrors to blind cameras. Water cannon. Smoke bombs & tear gas. Loudspeakers. 12:28:35 Escapes, people being lowered from windows. People running thru barbed wire fences. Unid. politician. Aerials of wall & fences. Deserted streets round Brandenburg gate. Cold War; 1961; Communism; Communists;

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