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1961 - Russian Newsreel: Somalia; Manufacturing; Agriculture; Tourists; Cosmonaut; etc.

Reel Number: 221594-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Bulgaria,Italy,Russia,Somalia,USSR,Uzbekistan

Location: bAlkaria,kabardino,Moscow,UZBEKISTAN

TC Begins: 00:19:27

TC Ends: 00:29:34

Duration: 00:10:07

1961 - Russian Newsreel: Somalia; Manufacturing; Agriculture; Tourists; Cosmonaut; etc. 00:19:50 Title: ‘Prime Minister of Somalia Republic in Moscow’, Kremlin, Khrushchev meets Somalia’s Prime Minister Abdi Rashid Ali Shirmarke (aka Abdirashid Ali Shermarche) shake hands, at table, CU Khrushchev & Shermarche. 00:20:25 Mikoyan meets Somalian delegation w/ Prime Minister Shermarche. Mikoyan leads Shermarche to seat at meeting table, CU Shermarche & Mikoyan. 00:21:03 Title: ‘Towards 22nd congress of CPSU’ Large factory w/ workers at punch presses. Man speaks, SOF, about new machinery he invented. Woman feeding punch press, CUs, & blanking die; men at drafting board, one tells camera how he plans new machinery in his free time, high angle factory floor. 00:22:06 Country field, CU flower, men w/ planting machines, truck arrives & workers fill planters w/ seed. CU farms leader, high angle planters in the field, tractor pulls 4 planters, high angle of field. 00:22:50 Title: ‘Presentation of International Lenin Prize’, CU Lenin medal & prize book, prize winner writer Mikhail Sodovian(?) on stage presented w/ prize, applause, people congratulate writer. 00:23:25 Kremlin, Brezhnev presents award to USSR Soviet Ministers Deputy Chairman Nikolay Ignatov, shake hands, hug, kiss on lips, Brezhnev pins medals on Ignatov’s chest. 00:24:08 USSR Academy of Science elections, people ballots, elected academic Keldish onto stage, applause, CU Keldish, audience applauds. 00:24:42 Kremlin, Brezhnev w/ Italy Ambassador Carlo Alberto Straneo, speeches & exchange documents. 00:25:27 Kabardino Balkaria, summer tourist expedition by helicopter, shadow seen on mountains lake. Tourists off helicopter & walk thru trees to a lake, mountains behind. View of waterfall turning to mist over rocks. LS tourists crossing bridge over river in narrow canyon. 00:26:24 Moscow, 2nd Traditional Song festival, squares filled w/ people listening to choruses, banner, big crowds near Bolshoi Theater, chorus on theater steps sings fragment from M. Glinka opera “Ivan Susanin’’ (SOF), CU chorus singers, shot of theater building, audience, fountain in the square, applause. 00:27:25 Uzbekistan, plane over mountains & view past pilots in cockpit. Sheep in back of aircraft delivered in 45 min. (it takes 2 months by foot). Man w/ radio control on the field, plane lands, sheep jump out of plane & graze in pasture. 00:28:08 Title: ‘Yuri Gagarin - guest of Bulgaria’, Gagarin off airplane, smiles, greeted by crowds & Bulgarian leaders w/ Communist Party’s 1st secretary Todor Zhivkov, hug & kiss, photographers take pictures, Zhivkov & Gagarin thru crowds, woman runs up from behind & kisses Gagarin, crowds cheer & applaud; Gagarin w/ big smile walks past crowd. People wave from apartment balconies, road sides packed w/ people, Gagarin & Zhivkov in open car; people hold up big Gagarin portraits; people on bus roofs, balconies, Gagarin waving, high angle motorcade, w/ huge crowds of spectators on both sides. African Diplomats; Diplomacy; USSR; Communism; Communists; Italy; 1960s; 1961; Cosmonaut; Astronaut; Hero; Celebrity; Space Race; Music; Travel; Vacations; Propaganda; NOTE: Any continuous one minute sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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