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1962 - Presidential Speech: President Kennedy On Disarmament and Testing. 02Mar62 Pt 6 of 7

Reel Number: 221380-02-P6

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: USA,USSR

Location: DC,Washington,White House

TC Begins: 09:34:22

TC Ends: 09:38:38

Duration: 00:04:16

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk 1962 - Presidential Speech: President Kennedy On Disarmament and Testing. 02Mar62 Pt 6 of 7 Continued... If the Soviets should change their position, we will have an opportunity to learn it immediately. On the 14th of March in Geneva, Switzerland a new 18-power conference on disarmament will begin. A statement of agreed principles has been worked out w/ the Soviets & endorsed by the U.N. In the long run, it is the constructive possibilities of this conference, and not the testing of new destructive weapons, on which rest the hopes of all mankind. However dim those hopes may sometimes seem, they can never be abandoned. And however far off most steps toward disarmament appear, there are some that can be taken at once. The United States will offer at the Geneva conference - not in the advance expectation they will be rejected & not merely for purposes of propaganda - a series of concrete plans for a major breakthrough to peace. We hope & believe that they will appeal to all nations opposed to war. They will include specific proposals for fair & enforceable agreements: to halt the production of fissionable materials & nuclear weapons & their transfer to other nations; to convert them from weapon stockpiles to peaceable uses, to destroy the warheads & the delivery systems that threaten man's existence; to check the dangers of surprise & accidental attack; to reserve outer space for peaceful use; and progressively to reduce all armed forces in such a way as ultimately to remove forever all threats and thoughts of War. 09:36:19 And of greatest importance to our discussion tonight we shall, in association w/ the United Kingdom, present once again our proposals for a separate comprehensive treaty - w/ appropriate arrangements for detection & verification - to halt permanently the testing of all nuclear weapons in every environment: in the air, in outer space, under ground & under water. New modifications will also be offered in the light of new experience. The essential arguments & facts relating to such a treaty are well-known to the Soviet Union. There is no need for further repetition, propaganda or delay. The fact that both sides have decided to resume testing only emphasizes the need for new agreement, not new arguments. And before charging that this decision shatters all hopes for agreement, the Soviets should recall that we were willing to work out w/ them, for joint submission to the United Nations, an agreed statement of disarmament principles at the very time their autumn tests were being conducted. And Mr. Khrushchev knows, as he said in 1960, that any nation which broke the moratorium could expect other nations to be forced, & I quote: “to take the same road." 09:37:54 Our negotiators will be ready to talk about this treaty even before the Conference on March 14th, & they will be ready to sign well before the date on which our tests are ready to begin. That date is still nearly two months away. If the Soviet Union should now be willing to accept such a treaty, sign it before the latter part of April, & apply it immediately, if all testing can thus be actually halted, then the nuclear arms race would be slowed down at last; the security of the United States & its ability to meet its commitments would be safeguarded & there would be no need for our tests to begin. Continued... Diplomacy; Cold War; Broken Test Ban Agreements; Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Resumption; NOTE: Any continuous 15 minutes of entire speech 09:10:45 - 09:42:21 sold at per reel rate. NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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