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1962 - USSR: Russian News of the Day, #43 October

Reel Number: 221503-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Cuba,England,Russia,United Kingdom,USA,USSR

Location: Leningrad,Moscow,Siberia

TC Begins: 01:18:28

TC Ends: 01:28:52

Duration: 00:10:24

1962 - USSR: Russian News of the Day, #43 October 01:18:52 Newspaper headlines: “Hands off Cuba”. Information center send & receives opinions from all over the world w/ many teletypes sending & receiving (GOOD). Protest meeting, people w/ banners supporting Cuba. Factory workers speaking SOF to camera. 01:20:10 Leningrad, meeting of Cuban students, speeches (MOS) & chanting full of hate toward US actions. Leningrad’s port - ship’s crew at protest meeting 8 days before departure to Cuba. Cuba missile story. Newspaper headlines re Khrushchev on Cuba. 01:21:08 Title: “Expanding gigantic dam continues”. Men work inside new construction, turbine pit & parts under construction. Huge streams of water from dam in the air; inside turbines under construction. 01:22:00 Kremlin palace. Khruhschev and USSR Marshal Rodion Malinovski meets GDR (East German army delegation w/ their army’s General Gopman(?). 01:22:47 Sir Roger Makins & wife of UK greeted at airport; visit atomic energy institute & greeted by Soviet scientists. View large pipes for ?? 01:23:34 Siberia, countryside. Mining camp, workers w/ soil core samples, building road to help industrial ore transportation across tundra. 01:24:28 High angle factory interior shot. Professional technical school #11 prepares new generation factory’s workers for operating automatic & precision equipment. Students w/ different machinery & getting practical knowledge in factory. 01:25:24 Open house at Uljanovsky collective farm. Crowds watch eleven month old bulls,which weigh 350 kg. Collective farm “Michurin” cattle fed w/ variety of healthy feed. Special growth stimulating drug produced in laboratory, CU bottles. Men & women injecting animals in pens. Neighboring farm w/ 2 year old cattle half the size, farmer smiles. 01:26:29 Moscow. Young girls artistic gymnastic class in huge hall. Girls dance w/ balls, teacher directing in front. (Good Gag footage) 01:27:19 Sports. Buzhnika(?) Sports Palace World Volleyball championship - USSR vs Czechoslovakia; USSR wins, supporters applaud. Prize award ceremony, boys give athletes flowers. The End. Cold War; Ballet Training; Communism; Communists Propaganda; Agriculture; Beef Cattle; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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