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1963 - Color, USSR Documentary: Starry Road R1 of 6

Reel Number: 221510-07

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow,YaroslavA

TC Begins: 10:59:14

TC Ends: 11:09:55

Duration: 00:10:41

1963 - Color, USSR Documentary: Starry Road R1 of 6 High angle Soviet cosmos hero motorcade thru city, Khrushchev & Cosmonauts Valeri Bykovsky & Valentina Tereshkova(1st woman in space) in open top car, wave to people crowds line roads, Main titles & credits. 11:00:57 Sun set over Volga river, LS boat on water, ship, shore, LS water from the woods, country fields, woodland. Valentina Tereshkova’s home on river. Valentina walks w/ mother Elena, sits on bench in woods. 11:01:54 LS 1000 year-old city Yaroslava, Valentina’s childhood city, various shots of old city, buildings, architecture, squares, 1st dramatic theater building, traffic on the road. 11:02:18 Textile factory where Valentina held her first job, aviation club’s class, people line up on field, prepare parachutes & put them on; enter plane & take off. LS people, couples in square, on shore, LS ships. 11:03:15 Moscow, high angle road past apartment houses, LS Moscow’s State University, ext. planetary, rocket sculptures. 11:03:31 Valentina studies at table, from various angles. CU pictures of the 1st soviet rocket, it’s sculpture outside planetary hall. 11:04:11 Yuri Gagarin shows Valentina & other students advanced space craft & equipment, CU Mars 1, Yuri & Valentina look at various models in Star City museum, various prizes, models, sculptures on the display table, Yuri Gagarin & Valentina Terashkova in museum exhibit hall, look at various present given to Soviet cosmonauts, symbolic city keys, various presents on the display. 11:05:23 Valentina tested, performs various tasks w/ numbers, lights. Valentina reviews telegraph code at table w/ Urij Gagarin; in classroom writes on black board, look at the locations on the huge globe, Valentina cross country skis thru heavy snow in woods, trees covered in deep snow. 11:06:45 Books on floor, CU record player. Valentina sits & listens to Tchaikovsky music. 11:07:08 Moscow. Valentina on park bench outside Bolshoi Theater, walks thru Red square. 11:07:28 Summer in forest, Valentina exercises, stretches, jogs, jumps & tumbles on trampoline (CUs bouncing & tumbling); goes around on vertical swing. 11:08:16 CU hands turning wheels controlling high altitude pressure chamber, shot thru window to Valentina w/ gas mask, doctors supervise the medical readings of Valentina’s body’s reaction to changes. Valentina in classroom, taught by Soviet cosmonaut Titov(?) who writes on black board & explains (SOF), Valentina in special room of spinning & flashing lights, sits on moving chair. 1960s Russian Space Program Training; Space Race; Cold War; Firsts; Communists; Communism; Testing;Cosmonaut; Soviet Astronaut; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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