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1967 - Adenauer Death; Apollo Hearings; Oil Spill; VTOL; Austrian Fashions; Boston Marathon; Oddity

Reel Number: 221789-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1967,1960s

Country: Austria,Germany,USA

Location: Bonn,Cape Cod,DC,Massachusetts,New York City,NYC Boston,Washington

TC Begins: 18:00:13

TC Ends: 18:06:46

Duration: 00:06:33

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk 1967 - Adenauer Death; Apollo Hearings; Oil Spill; VTOL; Austrian Fashions; Boston Marathon; Oddity Intertitle: Adenauer 1876-1967. LS unid. government building w/ German flag at half-staff; CU German coat of arms / insignia. Interior wall w/ photograph of Konrad Adenauer & flowers in front, tilt down to guest book on desk, ms from rear of man signing & leaving. 18:00:37 Adenauer walking w/ ?? & crowd following; MCU speaking to people. MLS people waving to him/ CU German soldiers saluting. At podium as 1st post-war Chancellor; High Angle / HA of Parliament. 18:01:05 MS greeting / shaking hands w/ General Eisenhower ( in uniform), Winston Churchill, Bulganin & Khrushchev; HA talking w/ VIPs. CUs. 18:01:42 Intertitle: Apollo I Hearings - Success Will Follow New Studies And Tests. MS Astronauts Foreman, McDivett, Slayton. Schirra and Shepard into Congressional hearing room; sitting at table. 18:02:07 MS Chairman Democrat Texas Congressman Olen Teague at desk. 18:02:13 CU Walter Schirra. SOF (out of sync) about his landing accident and testing on flammable materials & restoring confidence. 18:02:42 Intertitle: News In Brief - Massachusetts. Waves / surf & worker carrying dead sea bird from oil spill pollution; others alive but coated. CUs. 18:03:14 Intertitle: Munich. MS West German experimental VTOL military Dornier DO 31 designed under NATO contract. CUs. MLS taking off; cameraman; turns overhead. 18:03:52 Intertitle: New York City. Fashion models in ballroom modeling striped Austrian fashions to be shown at Expo 67. Knitted 3-piece sportswear. Pants suit. Egyptian wedding gown; other oddities. 18:04:44 Intertitle: Sports - Frankfurt. MS crowd watching beginning of large bicycle 150 mile road race pass. Belgian winner. 18:05:23 Intertitle: Boston. Runners at beginning of marathon; MCU of Kaye / Kathrine Switzer being jostled. MLS dog running ahead of the runners. POV past crowd lining route. Winner Dave McKenzie of New Zealand. Second place Tom Laris, NYAC, of Oakland, California crossing rainy finishing line. MCU of third place finisher Yutaka Aoki of Japan w/ other two. 18:06:15 Intertitle: Germany. Cameraman shooting man putting on gloves & walking on his hands along road beginning to walk to Rome. LS thru street; crossing overpass / bridge on sidewalk. Obituary; Ecology; Petroleum; Women’s Rights; Woman Athlete; Apollo 1 Safety Hearings; NOTE: Kathrine Switzer was first woman to complete Boston Marathon. NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate. Sound track leads picture. Will need to be synchronized.

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