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Air Force Now, Issue 95 (USAF 30th Birthday; Civilian AF Workers; Air Ace Rickenbacker; FAA)

Reel Number: 220371-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1950s,1960s,1971,1977

Country: Germany,USA,Vietnam

Location: Berlin,Ohio,Wright-Patterson AFB

TC Begins: 23:29:47

TC Ends: 23:46:47

Duration: 00:17:00

Air Force Now, Issue 95 (USAF 30th Birthday; Civilian AF Workers; Air Ace Rickenbacker; FAA) (1940s footage intercuts with XCUs decorating cake.) 26Jul47 Truman signs re creation separate air force. 1948 Berlin Airlift, loading supplies. Landing. Children eating. 27Jun50 Truman announces Armed Forces to aid Korea (MOS). 20May51 Capt. James Jabara, first American Jet Ace shoots down enemy plane . 15Aug57 Nathan F. Twining sworn in by Eisenhower as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 17Dec57 Atlas ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missile launched. 06Feb59 Titan ICBM launch. 03Jun59 First graduation USAF Academy. 14Oct62 USA reconnaissance aircraft finds proof of Russian missiles in Cuba. Man inspects photo with magnifying glass. Headlines re Khrushchev ordering missiles removal. 23:32:24 01Jul65 USAF crews down two MIG-17 over North Vietnam. 20Mar69 Apollo 11 launch. 16Jul71 Jeanne M. Holme first USAF woman General officer. Finished 30th birthday cake. 23:33:18 Air Force Now Title Sequence. 23:33:37 Black officer presents in TV studio. Officers’ opinions re civilians working in the Air Force - negative reactions, jokes “overpaid, underworked”. One officer says they’re essential. Civilian worker Robert Oyas, shop foreman of fuel-system branch of field maintenance squadron cycling round Wright Patterson airfield; at work & describes his job in V.O. Checking plane. Irene Schiller, Program Analyst for Space & Systems Missiles Administration in meeting w/ officers & lecturing. 23:37:17 Col. George B. Powers in car says one third USAF workforce are civilians. Montage stills civilian professions: welder, doctors, bank clerk, handling data storage tape, librarian, supermarket staff, electricians, typist, clerical, etc. Presenter ends. 23:39:02 Air Force Air Aces. 1910s Eddie Rickenbacker race cars, stills. Headlines United States & Germany at War - WWI. Enlisted Americans march. Early plane w/ Rickenbacker piloting war plane. Plane downed & crash. Rickenbacker car. Eastern Air Lines commercial airplanes. Aerial Washington. WWII: stranded at sea after plane crash & rescue w/ crew members. 1974 - Rickenbacker AFB renamed - airshow and plaque uncovered. Oil painting Eddie Rickenbacker. 23:41:36 AF Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Controls at back of plane. Truck convoy. California National Guard deploys facilities in airfield. Radar & other equipment. Trackout (?) evaluations. Radar screen. Taking notes. Good CUs dials & controls. Plane in flight seen from below. Controllers in tower. 23:46:10 Happy 30th Anniversary Presenter wishes happy anniversary. Crowd with USAF birthday cake in middle seen from above. Balloons drop - crowd shouts “Happy Anniversary”. NOTE: Gen. Jeanne Holm 23Jun21 - 15Feb10. Also first woman 2-star General in any US Armed Forces.

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