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Castro Welcomed By USSR Following Cuban Revolution

Reel Number: 221084-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Cuba,Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Havana,Moscow,New York City

TC Begins: 09:15:04

TC Ends: 09:20:34

Duration: 00:05:30

Castro Welcomed By USSR Following Cuban Revolution Cuban rebels w/ Castro in countryside. Montage guerilla fighting - machine guns firing, planes overhead, jeep exploding, black smoke over town. Victory parade through Havana - crowds cheering & running in streets - vehicles w/ Castro’s troops swamped. Castro addressing crowd at night, white dove perched on shoulder. Aerials Havana. 09:16:30 Khruschev greeting Fidel & Raul Castro at the United Nations & posing for photographers. Che Guevara & unid. Cuban? man signing document, then shakes hands w/ Kruschev. Brief shots ?? addressing conference hall. 09:17:46 Cuban flag. Street scenes, Havana? - armed guards - slogans inc. ‘Patria o Muerte’. 09:18:27 Party Congress scenes. 09:18:50 Top shot Red Square November military parade. Kruschev & others saluting from mausoleum. Troops, tanks & rockets pass in review. Marchers in shape of star - parade in honour of October Revolution. Cheering crowds w/ banners & portraits inc. Khruschev hugging Castro. Cuban flag waved. Russia / USSR. Communism. 1950s.

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