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News Review Of 1959

Reel Number: 221107-26

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Canada,Cuba,India,Iran,Japan,Laos,Norway,Russia,USA

Location: CAMP DAVID,DC,Havana,Hawaii,Lawrence Seaway,Maryland,Moscow,St,Tokyo,Washington

TC Begins: 16:28:59

TC Ends: 16:35:33

Duration: 00:06:34

News Review Of 1959 Vice-President Nixon touring US Fair in Moscow w/ Khruschev visit to Russia. Kruschev visiting US - at airport, in motorcade & posing w/ President Eisenhower aKruschev duringt Camp David. 16:30:16 Animation of new Soviet space probe, first to take pictures of Moon - stills shown. Monkeys Abel & Baker sent into space by US. Project Mercury astronauts in weightlessness chamber 16:31:16 Castro addresses cheering crowds in Havana following Cuban Revolution. 16:31:56 St. Lawrence seaway opened - Ike & Queen Elizabeth on deck of royal yacht Britannia. 16:32:13 Celebrations to mark Hawaii’s accession as 50th State of the Union - hula girls - volcano erupting. 16:32:42 Prince Akahito of Japan poses in ceremonial robes & on steps of Palace w/ new bride Mishiko Shoda. 16:32:59 Stephen Rockefeller out of church in Norway w/ new bride Anne Marie Rasmussen. 16:33:13 Shah Pahlevi of Iran after marriage to Farah Diba. 16:33:26 Destruction in Japan after worst typhoon in its history - civilians wade through flooded streets. 16:33:43 John Foster Dulles filmed not long before death from cancer. 16:34:01 Dalai Llama photocall w/ Nehru after seeking refuge in India from Communist Chinese occupation of Tibet. Nehru on horseback through mountain village. 16:34:29 Troops from Communist-held Vietnam attack Laos - exodus of refugees. 16:34:45 Ike arrives at National Airport after completing 11-nation tour - cheering crowds wave sparklers - Ike gives Victory sign from passing motorcade. Brief shot White House at night. Space Race. Cold War. Royal Weddings. Southeast Asia. Anti-Communism.

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