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One Week in October Part 3

Reel Number: 220317-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: USACuba

Location: United Nations Washington Guantanamo

TC Begins: 22:18:12

TC Ends: 22:29:22

Duration: 00:11:10

Pt. 3 of 3 1962 Cuban missile crisis - American Version White House - Vox pops re possibility of war & relationship w/ Russia. 22:18:57 Civil defense shelters - supermarket shelves stripped - queues at checkouts. 22:19:38 Community fallout shelters stocked - Lorries & trucks on road carrying supplies. 22:20:12 AV United Nations building - UN Ambassador Stevenson asks the USSR delegate whether there are missile bases on Cuba. “I’m prepared to wait for my answer until Hell freezes over if that is your decision. 22:20:45 Kennedy signs Quarantine order; 22:20:57 Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara speaks (SOF) at Pentagon re enforcing quarantine, row of newsreel cameramen. 22:21:37 Strategic Air Command B-52 bombers take off; mid-air refueling; interceptors & fighters take off. Aircraft carriers w/ planes off; US battleship at sea. Radar dishes & radio communications. US intercepts Soviet tanker Bucharest, & allows her to proceed. Another ship followed closely. Reconnaissance aircraft over Cuba & photos. 22:24:42 Kremlin; White House; SAC bombers / aircraft & missiles prepared on alert. HQ American Air Defence Command - interior control room. CU war key. People waiting for news watch TV from sidewalk; listen to transistor radios. White House & Kremlin. 22:26:10 Press Secretary Salinger re message Kennedy has received from Khruschev saying he will dismantle missile sites in Cuba. 22:26:20 Kennedy gets out of car & into church. 22:26:29 US fleet - wives return to Guantanamo. Celebrations - sign on tuba: “Hi Honey - dinner’s defrostin”. Hugs, kisses. Small church, Americans going to services. 22:27:22 Recon photos show missiles dismantled. Soviet ships carrying missiles out of Cuba seen. Americans walking w/ children & pedestrians on streets. Rolling caption by Department of Defense re importance of civil defence - radioactive fallout etc. The End. Cold War; Television; Neighbors; Fear; Drama;

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