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Russian News of The Day 1958 #48 November

Reel Number: 221421-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1958

Country: China,East Germany,Hungary,Russia,USSR

Location: Budapest,Moscow,Sakhalin

TC Begins: 16:45:10

TC Ends: 16:55:49

Duration: 00:10:39

Russian News of The Day 1958 #48 November “Khruschev’s Reception” Kremlin. K. greets delegates from People’s Republic of China, shakes hands. Sit at meeting table, CU Chinese delegation’s leader Liu Len Tao(?) & K., shots of delegates. 16:46:17 “Towards 11th Congress of CPSU” Moscow automobile industry, men work w/ assebly machines. Young worker speaks (SOF): “it is interesting to work together w/ experienced specialists as he is the youngest team member...” Various men working on car construction & assembly. Worker says (SOF) says that they are taking part in competition for name of Communist Labor team. 16:47:29 CU children’s books, greeting cards, logo on post card. Enormous bellows camera set up. Kalinin’s paleography factory. Ext. factory, int. people work w/ printing machinery, cu machinery, shots of people running automatic machines. Factory’s leading technology specialist Galina Zhustkova speaks (SOF), tells of targets for the 7 year plan. Factory hall, children’s books on display. 16:49:01 Moscow United Arab Republic’s film festival. Flags. Movie marquee, Artistic Cinema. Arab film industry representatives walk to stage thru applauding audience, accept flowers. Speakers at microphone incl. USSR Minister of Culture Mihailov, National Artist, producer Piryev(?), Ambassador of United Arab Republic Muhammad El Kuni(?) & Arab producer A. Dia El Dim(?), applause. Motion Pictures. 16:50:00 Kaliningrad Dock workers load ship w/ equipment for 4th Antarctic Expedition, plane on ship’s deck. Young Pioneers give present, 4 pigeons to expedition’s team; member holds up pigeon, CU bird. People say goodbyes, shake hands, expedition’s leader shakes hands w/ leaders from 1st & 2nd expedition. Kiss, people on the shore wave, ship leaves port. 16:50:51 Sakhalin beach & nature, war time paintings of soldiers. New city named for Russian writer Chekhov. Peopl in city square for Chekhov monument unveiling. VIPs pull sheet off, applause, CU sculpture, people lay flowers, shot of sculpture, high angle coast. 16:51:40 Man looks into telescope at moon, CU moon’s surface. Scientist Kozerev explains research that shows volcano on moon’s surface, shows photographs. Kozarev talks (SOF) of his research, points out volcano position on map of moon. 16:52:46 “In Brotherly Socialistic Countries” 16Nov GDR Band leads people to election office, people enter & register, placing ballots in box. Budapest, 16Nov. People on streets, elections, voting. Foreign photographers, 2 reporters enter car w/ sign CBC - TV NEWS. People exit voting booths, CU voters, election commission opens box & counts votes. Man on street reads election results in the newspaper. GOOD 16:54:20 Moscow’s Sports Palace International Boxing between USSR & Germany (DDR). Both teams in ring, fight between last year’s light weight European champion Honberg(?)& 4 times USSR champion Vladimir Stolnikov. Middleweight fight between Olympic Champion Genady Shatkov & Heinz Maday(?). Shatcov’s knocks out Maday, photographer takes picture. Newsreel; Communist; Communism; Cold War; 1950s; Diplomacy; Printing Industry;

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