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Russian News of the Day 1958 #24 June

Reel Number: 221329-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1958

Country: China,Russia,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 11:10:43

TC Ends: 11:21:07

Duration: 00:10:24

Russian News of the Day 1958 #24 June High angle Kremlin. Meeting of International Democratic Women’s Federation delegates. CU women of various nationalities applaud & cheer. Khruschev, Mikoyan & others take places on the stage & kids run on stage, give flowers to VIPs & federation delegates, applause. Speech (SOF) by Soviet delegation’s leader Nina Popova, asking all to put collective effort in building better world, audience applauds. Speakers of various nationalities on podium, applause, high angle audience. 11:13:18 Men working on construction of big metallurgy plant, big parts put in place, CU workers, high construction of factory, big chimneys, high angle of construction, shot of workers. Finished plant in operation from various shots of big machinery, huge furnace, fiery coke poured out. 11:14:16 ‘Future engineers’. Man w/ lamp in mine, CU smiling girls, all out of mine straight into classroom, CU sign on the door - Mine Education, students in big metallurgy study classroom, various machines, teacher shows students various machinery, CU students, machinery, teacher. Female student works on her diploma project at drafting board & teacher gives advice, CU students around the table. Student Vladimir in front of audience, presents his diploma project, CU Vladimir near big construction plans displayed on board, shot of teacher jury, student audience, ext. shot of institution building. 11:15:35 Big field, harvest, tractor w/ mowing machine behind, man sits on mowing machinery, shots of hay rakes moving hay pulled in rows & hay baled & loaded onto truck. 11:16:27 Moscow, People in the Soviet photography exhibit, people viewing. CU various pictures. 11:17:05 Small biplane flies over snowy mountain peaks, int. aircraft photographer w/ camera, takes pictures, CU pilot, plane lands on snow. Men w/ dogs to plane, scientific station, CU house w/ snow level up to roof; scientists inside investigate climate & atmosphere changes, sun radiation, various equipment. Men measure snow’s depth, write down measurements, view over station area. 11:18:14 Central Lenin Stadium, motorcycle racing on dirt track, shots of race, CU supporters. Evening, winners on the podium, presented w/ flowers. 11:18:56 Moscow Leopold Stokowski conducting orchestra in front of pipe organ; orchestra performs fragment from Shostakovich’s ‘11th Symphony’, CU Stokowski conducting, audience applaud. 11:19:51 China People working on huge water reservoir construction site, CU workers, running thru site to greet VIP’s. CU Chairman Mao, walks thru crowd, workers applaud, CU VIPs, CU Liu Shauqi, high angle worker crowd. Mao takes of his jacket, CU Liu Shaoqi, Zhou En Lai digging soil, high angle workers, VIPs work along side workers. The End Diplomacy;

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