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Russian News of the Day 1958 #33 August

Reel Number: 221663-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1958

Country: Kazakhstan,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Georgia,Kazakhstan,Kuybyshev,Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 10:53:37

TC Ends: 11:04:02

Duration: 00:10:25

Russian News of the Day 1958 #33 August 10:54:01 Title: “Meeting with Dear Friends” Kuybyshev, huge crowd in big square, VIPs w/ Khrushchev, Suslov & others on podium; Khrushchev at microphone (MOS) waves hand in air, audience applauds. Waves hat. 10:54:59 Title: “Bread - Nation’s Wealth” Ukraine grain harvest, man on combine, open air grain storage, big piles of grain, people move grain w/ shovels, trucks filled w/ grain drive away from storage. 10:55:39 Kazakhstan, high angle large construction site for grain storage, CU female construction workers, various shots of newly built storage. 10:56:13 Title: “ Kursk Land’s Jewels” Open pit mine, dredge & high pressure waterhose used to remove soil, CU powerful stream, CU workers, big shovels & draglines, LS newly built factory & residential area. 10:57:12 Title: “International Meeting of Astronomers” Moscow House of Unions, astronomers from 35 countries talk in entrance hall, meeting hall, CU Kosygin on podium, applause. International president - French scientist Don John(?), CU speaker, applause, academician Ambarcuman(?), various shot of audience. 10:58:19 CU Wooden sculptures of Japanese people. People at exhibition of Japanese crafts in Moscow, CU various art exhibits - figurines, ceramics, moving animal figurines. CU Japanese Ambassador w/ USSR minister of Culture Mihaylov, shots of exhibits, people in the exhibition room. 10:59:35 Georgia, big tea field, people pick tea leave, place them in baskets on their backs. CU newly invented tea combine drives thru field, CU driver, LS combine in the field. 11:00:18 Kazakhstan Dzhambulsk region, huge 30,000 sheep herded from horseback to the mountains for the summer, shots of sheep surrounded by big mountains, 11:00:58 CU Smiling tourist at the Siridier Lake camp, boats near the lake, couple on the water, man picks water flowers gives them to woman, women in field pick flowers, youngsters pick & eat wild raspberries. CU fishermen hold up huge fish, LS tourists in kayaks & rowboats on the lake wave to camera, two men sitting at the ends of boat w/ woman in middle rowing; bonfire near the tents on shore, boat on lake in twilight. 11:01:53 Concert of Korean artists in Moscow, 13th anniversary of the day Soviet army freed Korea. Korean dancers on the stage perform dance w/ fans, stage from various angles. 11:02:49 Title: “Paul Robeson in Moscow” Voice of Paul Robeson singing in Russian 15Aug58 people crowd to airport to greet Paul Robeson coming out of plane. Robeson at top of plane’s stairs, smiles & applauds, down the stairs w/ Mrs. P. Robeson, Eslanda Goode, walks thru crowds & shakes hands, photographers take pictures, people give flowers to Robeson & wife, Robeson answers reporters questions, CU Robeson w/ flowers in the hand. The End Hydraulic Mining; Exposition; Cultural; 1958; 1950s; USSR; Soviet Union;

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