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Russian News of the Day 1958 #42 October

Reel Number: 221663-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1958

Country: Estonia,Kyrgyzstan,Russia,USSR

Location: Estonia,krasnodar,Kuban,Kyrgyzstan,Tallinn

TC Begins: 10:42:41

TC Ends: 10:53:27

Duration: 00:10:46

Russian News of the Day 1958 #42 October 10:43:05 Title: “For Hard Work” Krasnodar celebration of Kuban’s presentation w/ Lenin Order, CU poster across the street announcing that for success in agriculture Kuban has earned Lenin’s prize, meeting hall, applauding audience, Khrushchev on the stage presents Lenin Prize. Lenin’s poster in the square filled w/ people, huge crowds, VIP’s on podium, CP Secretary Mathushkin at microphone, Khrushchev next to him. Khrushchev’s speech (MOS), CU Khrushchev from various angles, applause. 10:44:01 Title: “Towards 21st Congress of CPSU” Dam in name of Lenin, high angle huge dam & hydroelectric power station, electric lines thru fields, CU workers high up on power line, various shots of power lines, high angle industrial construction site. Int. of power control room & workers listen to instructions, turn on power, gauges. 10:45:00 Exterior of transmission lines. Construction workers inside large tank & arc welding high up. Men work on construction of new turbines for synthetics factory, high angle factory hall & exterior. 10:46:21 Title: “15 years later” Aerial over rebuilt Kiev, flashback 15 yrs. to WW2 & city burning, explosions, shooting, soldiers run thru streets, tanks on road; city square in ruins & people thru rubble. Same square now in 1958, high angle big buildings, square, monument. New apartment building under construction, woman surveying underground constructing metro tunnels, ext new indoor market, int. huge market hall, people cross new footbridge across river; high angle new highway & bridge, monument high over the city. 10:47:36 Combine & truck harvesting grain (?), tractors pulling combine, CU men on new invention of self-propelled combine w/ many belts in large field. 10:48:32 Newly built modern excursion boat, int. ship - restaurant, bar area, cinema, rooms, crew members on board, ext ship on water. 10:49:16 Tallinn, Estonia Exhibition of experimental furniture factory products; people view: modern design bedroom set, extendable table, woman turns writing desk into cosmetic cabinet w/ mirror, living room set. 10:49:56 Armenia countryside, fruit harvest, woman w/ little girl pick peaches in big bucket; vineyard, women collect grapes, CU juicy grape bunches, shot of boxes full of grapes. 10:50:40 Group of tourists from Leningrad drive to Finland, cars past thru woods, thru streets of Helsinki, traffic policeman, street scene, CU fat boy eats sandwich & smiles, tourists outside government building, entrance hall, monument of classical literature artist. City of Tampere, street scenes, CU Lenin museum sign, shots inside museum, Leningrad’s tourists speak w/ Finnish people on street, show photographs. 10:51:41 Title: “Art of Kirghizia” Moscow, LS stage Kirghizian artists presented w/ flowers, audience applaud, high, fragment from opera performance (SOF), CU main singer, LS stage, curtains close, audience applaud. The End. WWII; USSR Newsreel; Russian; 1958; Propaganda; 1950s;

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