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Russian News of The Day 1959 #07 February

Reel Number: 221421-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Russia,USSR

Location: Kamchatka,Rezana,Siberia

TC Begins: 16:23:31

TC Ends: 16:34:03

Duration: 00:10:32

Russian News of The Day 1959 #07 February “Warm Welcome” Rezana, huge crowds gather outside railroad station as train from Moscow arrives. Kids w/ flowers, Khrushchev off train, accepts traditional greeting - bread & salt, kisses the bread & passes it over, shakes hands. Motorcade thru streets, Khrushchev waves from open top car, POV from car past crowds. Khrushchev visits collective farm “Russia”, walks thru workers gathered outside; shakes hands w/ team of young milkmaids, look’s around dairy farm, speaks w/ milkmaids. Khrushchev & other VIPs ride in troika horse sleigh; thru wintery fields, poses for camera w/ farm family, shakes hands w/ old ladies, crowd waves off Khrushchev leaving in the car. 16:25:45 “After Great Plan” Siberia LS mountainous area & Abakansky factory, LS train w/ smoke out of stack, men on rockface drilling, CU man in steam shovel, scoop shovel collects ore, stones & loads into trucks & on road out of open pit mine. CU truck driver, high angle lorries drive thru mountain roads. At the factory ore poured into railroad cars; double engines pull train thru snow & wintery mountain area, shot of train driver or engineer; train on rail line away from camera. (GOOD) 16:27:03 Kamchatka & mountains in winter. LS sea port w/ big cranes, fishing ship into port, men on board, ext. big fish factory, int. factory, woman worker poses w/ huge frozen fish, smoked fish hanging in factory hall, CU fish, workers packing fish in cans, canning machines, various types of fish cans on display. 16:28:19 “Yak - 24” Construction office of Alexander Yakovlev, CU Yakovlev speaks w/ another man, looks at model of new invention: passenger helicopter Yak - 24 w/ double propellers. Ship at sea, big waves, shot from helicopter to water, Yak - 24 aircraft brings petrol to ship, lowers the gasoline hose pipe, shot from ship up to aircraft, CU petrol poured into the ship. CU helicopter pilot as he flies past truck stuck in flooded field, flies onto top of truck, attaches hook to it & lifts truck free. Yakovlev & other engineers in office, look at Yak- 24 model, work on construction plans for passenger version. Look at drawing board, CU drawing. 16:30:40 “Moscow’s Outskirts Woods” Wintery woodland, horse pulling sled thru snow covered trees. White rabbit hops & runs across snow; 2 hunters on skiis w/ dogs, fox runs thru snow, bunch of white rabbits under bushes, various shots of the rabbits, reindeer herd walks thru the woodland, CU animals which run away. CU wild buffalos (bisons) play-fight w/ horns, walk away thru woods, sun set over the wintery woodland. 16:32:17 “Uzbekistan’s Artists” Moscow evening, train from Tashkent arrives on the platform filled w/ ?? crowds, Uzbek artist off train, shake hands w/ hosts. At microphone USSR Minister of Culture Mihailov greeting. Uzbek representative at the microphone, applause. 16:33:07 “Uzbek Art Festival” Posters of Uzbek performances; folk dance girl group performs, dancers. The End. Newsreel; Communist; Communism; Cold War; 1950s; Aviation; Mining Industry; Politics; Fish Cannery;

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