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Russian News of The Day 1959 #11 March

Reel Number: 221421-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: East Germany,GDR,Germany,USSR

Location: Leipzig moscow

TC Begins: 16:34:23

TC Ends: 16:44:59

Duration: 00:10:36

Russian News of The Day 1959 #11 March “Khrushchev’s visit to GDR” Leipzig, East Germany. International Spring Trade Fair Khrushchev & delegates walk thru USSR exhibition hall; model of Soviet Sputnik, car models, Khrushchev w/ GDR leaders Walter Ulbrich & Otto Grotewohl look at cars & smile. Khrushchev wearing flower chain at Indian exhibit. Shots of delegates w/ Khrushchev thru trade fair. CU Khrushchev answers reporters questions. Night crowds in city square. Khrushchev & others walk thru cheering crowds, shake hands w/ public, woman presents K. w/ flowers & kisses him. VIP’s w/ K., Ulbrich & Grotewohl on podium, applause, Khrushchev at microphone. LS podium w/ huge picture of Khrushchev. Applause, fireworks. 16:36:51 Plane on runway, VIPs greets K. returning from GDR. Photographers take pictures, Khrushchev shakes hands w/ Suslov, Brezhnev, Mikoyan & other VIP’s, car w/ VIP’s drives away from airport. 16:37:15 “3rd meeting of UPWP” 3rd meeting of United Polish Worker’s Party, congress hall, VIPs on podium incl., Soviet delegation led by Ignatov, Chinese delegates w/ Ju De(?) & others, standing applause, high angle stage. On podium 1st secretary of the United Polish Workers Party, Wladyslav Gamulka. 16:38:18 “After Great Plan” Big explosions, huge crane in the open pit coal strip mine, men work inside the crane, big scoop shovel. CU coal dug up by tractor, into the train cars. 16:39:23 Kamchatka w/ big waves & fishing boat, island thru fog. Ship on water from various angles, CU sailors in ship’s control room; men pull out huge fishing net, various shots of fishermen, CU huge amount of fish pour out. Ice on deck. View of island mountain. 16:40:10 Kremlin, USSR Deputy Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet Ivan Kodice meets Ambassador of Israel Aria Arel(?), delegates read their speeches & exchange papers, shake hands. 16:40:51 South Tadzhikistan Spring, blossoming trees in the field surrounded by dry mountains, tractors on road to fields; pour in seeds in the planters; tractors on the field planting cotton. CU drivers. 16:41:39 Moscow Big canteen hall, food expert committee taste dishes on menu. People in the cafeteria pick food from display counter, CU various dishes. Women pick food from counter covered w/ huge variety of dishes. Man pours tea from big tea urns; various shots of people eating in canteen. 16:42:43 Celebration of Kazakhstan's National artist Aman Kulmamedov(?) 30 yrs. in the theater. Shots of Amad in various theatre plays. On stage, applause, Kazakhstan’s Deputy Minister of Culture Kavusov reads congratulation speech (MOS), applause; various people give presents, kiss, applause. CU artist Amad. 16:43:46 “World Cup in Hockey” USSR & USA hockey teams on ice rink; scenes from final game, end of the game, won by USSR w/ score 5 - 1, teammates shake hands. Newsreel; Communist; Communism; Cold War; 1950s; Diplomacy; Mining Industry; Diplomacy; Awards;

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