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Russian News of the Day 1959 #02 January

Reel Number: 221192-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Belarus,Latvia,Russia,USA,USSR

Location: BeloRussia,Latvia,Minsk,Moscow,New York City,Riga

TC Begins: 02:28:41

TC Ends: 02:39:09

Duration: 00:10:28

Russian News of the Day 1959 #02 January “Soviet Rocket in the Cosmos” Various language newspaper articles w/ drawings, animated film, rocket going up & transmitting signals to earth & radio antenna. People in control room monitor signals from USSR rocket, man: (SOF) as soon as rocket was launched they were successful in receiving its signal, plays the recorded signal. Factory workers listen to the signal played on radio. Ext observatory; man looks in big telescope, member of USSR Science Academy speaks (SOF) of the rocket’s course, speed & technology. 02:31:24 CU metro station sign “ Leninsky gori”. Subway builder: (SOF) we have just heard the great news of rocket’s launch, others behind go up escalator & look back at speaker. Caricature of USSR rocket passing the moon & sun, artist Mark Abramov & poet Sergei Mihalkov at drawing table, artist draws caricature, poet reads (SOF) poem about Soviet sputnik. 02:32:26 “Belorussian nations’ celebrations”, Minsk street scene, pedestrians; 40th anniversary w/ representatives from all Soviet nations on stage w/ Khrushchev, deputy chairman Kozlov gives Lenin’s prize to Republic of Belorussia, medal pinned to city’s flag. Huge crowd in Lenin square, VIPs on podium w/ Khrushchev, 1st secretary of Belorussian Communist Party Mazurov at microphone, applause, CU smiling people, snowing. Khrushchev smiling at mic, crowd w/ Lenin’s statue in middle of the square. 02:33:51 “Mikoyan in USA” NY arrival w/ other Soviet delegates off plane, waves hat; CU camera crews. Mikoyan at microphone (MOS) gives greetings from Khrushchev & wishes all American people happiness, well-being & peaceful life. Mikoyan (SOF) answers reporter’s question about USSR rocket, says it shows how far Soviet science has gone & that they will make sure this achievement serves the purpose of peace & friendship & not in the interest of war. Reporters make notes, take pictures, CU Mikoyan. 02:34:59 Steel mill main furnace worker Fyodor w/ family at dinner table looking at various diplomas & prizes CUs earned for his devotion to his work. Ext. factory’s smoke stacks, CU Fyodor at work, walks thru factory, where team mates voted him delegate for 21st Communist Party Congress. 02:35:49 Soviet ship “Asia” thru large waves on open ocean, int. ship, crew member taking census knocks on door, sits w/ family & writes down their names; interviews others. LS sun set. 02:36:41 Riga Retired painting collector Martins Formanis w/ book, walls covered w/ paintings; Martin & wife w/ letters from artists, CU letter from China including artist’s sketches for Martin’s collection. 02:37:42 French circus in USSR, performance on roller-skates on round table, applause, circus artist spins w/ audience member, man helped down but so dizzy he can hardly walk. Female trapeze artist performs; clown performance sets fire to clown’s hat, applause, man jumps rope on trampoline w/ hoop, applause; performers run hand in hand around the ring first one holds on to horse’s tail. The End. Animation; USSR Space Program; Entertainers; Entertainment; NOTE: Any continuous one minute sold at per reel rate.

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