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Russian News of the Day 1959 #06 February

Reel Number: 221663-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Azerbaijan,Belarus,Ceylon,Kazakhstan,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan,Minsk,Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 10:32:14

TC Ends: 10:42:32

Duration: 00:10:18

Russian News of the Day 1959 #06 February 10:32:36 Title: “Meeting of Communism Builders” Ext. Kremlin, last meeting of 21st Congress of CPSU, meeting hall from rear & standing applause, Khrushchev walking to podium & applauding audience. Khrushchev (MOS) speech, encourages to follow Lenin’s steps towards Communism’s victory. Suslov reads suggested changes in the production development resolutions, delegates vote in favor. Khrushchev at microphone (MOS), announces the USSR 21st Congress closed, standing applause. LS stage, ext. Kremlin. People on dock at port listen as team member reads out the 21st Congress New Communism Building Program from newspaper. Oil workers in Azerbaijan meet on drilling platform w/ derricks behind, speaker promises to fulfill government set targets, applause. Minsk factory workers meet & promise to fulfill 7 year production plans, listen, applause. 10:35:38 Title: “After Great Plan” Kazakhstan trucks on snowy road, metallurgy factory construction site, workers on crane listen to speaker announcing new goals - to build quicker & faster, CU workers. Construction, men arc welding, CU workers & slogan on steel tank. 10:36:27 Moscow LS railroad train past State University, people on snowy station platform view exhibition of new railway equipment, CU new electric 5300 horsepower train & newly constructed passenger cars, people inspect cars, motors, automatic doors. Runby of electric passenger train in snow. 10:37:52 Title: “Severyankas trip” LS soviet submarine Severyanka on open sea, shot of captain, LS ship diving under water, crew in sub, scientist make notes, CU machinery to measure water radioactivity, crew at table look at map. Crew members cut each others hair, shave, sun lamps, have medical check up, man at helm, ext. submarine, huge waves. Man on lookout. 10:39:07 Title: “Ancient Nation’s Art” Ceylon palm trees on beach, high angle city, 11th anniversary of Independence. Moscow exhibition of Ceylon's art; people in exhibition halls look at various exhibits, CU ambassador of Ceylon Professor Z. Malalasekera at the exhibition, shots of various art pieces, folk art sculptures, figurines, silver dishes, national dance costumes & masks, shot of people at the exhibition. 10:40:37 Title: ‘Sport’ Georgia winter & ski jumping competition w/ falls. People watching. 10:41:17 Turkmania Soviet bicycle road race w/ riders in training for international championship; ride on country roads, coaches in motorcycle w/ side car, riders from various angles. 10:41:38 Title: “Ukraine's dancers” Moscow, Guest traditional folk dancers from Soviet Ukraine in traditional outfits perform on the stage, performance from various angles. High jumping, leaping, kicking. The End. USSR Politics; Technology; Military; Culture; Propaganda; Cold War; 1950s; 1960s; Winter Sports;

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