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Russian News of the Day 1960 #46 November

Reel Number: 221328-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: Belarus,China,Cuba,Russia,USSR

Location: KAMCHATKA Havana,Minsk,Moscow

TC Begins: 09:20:35

TC Ends: 09:30:49

Duration: 00:10:14

Russian News of the Day 1960 #46 November Kremlin, Khruschev & Gromyko meet Chinese People’s Republic’s Chairman Liu Shao-Chi (Shaoqi), Deng Xiaoping & others, shake hands, CU smiling Khrushchev, delegates at meeting table, all smile. 09:21:40 ‘Reports of Labor Victories’. Huge metallurgy furnace construction, flaming liquid steel, smoke. 09:22:25 Minsk, people crowds in big square to mark completion of Ukraine - Bulgaria gas pipeline, various shots of pipeline laying process, pipe pulled thru water, covered w/ protective coating, shot of long pipeline through field, people look at gas fire flaming in the air. 09:23:10 Kremlin, Brezhnev meet British Ambassador Sir Frank Roberts, delegates read out speeches & exchange documents, shake hands. 09:23:48 International youth evening, people dance surrounded by others applauding, CU various nationality people, talk, some w/ help of translators. 15th anniversary of International Youth organization, high angle hall, CU audience & podium Soviet Unions youth organizations chairman Reshekov(?), applause, LS stage. 09:24:41 River view of bank from quiet water, women in experimental stone-soil production factory, work w/ various machinery, CU produced roof tiles, machinery parts, bricks. 09:25:20 Large construction, cranes raise concrete beams, workers weld high on girders. LS building site. 09:25:44 Institute of Experimental Medical Technology & demonstration of machinery for treating critical kidney problems, professor in front of doctors shows dialysis machinery in operation on patient. Patient’s blood pumped thru to filter, CU surgeons & patient, medical students watch its operation. 09:26:57 Kamchatka, small plane USSR- 41937, takes off, CU pilot, high angle smoking volcano, scientists in the aircraft look at volcano w/ binoculars, shot right inside the volcano. 09:27:34 Moscow, people in Red Square, band, delegation bids farewell to motorbike w/ sidecar race to Czechoslovakia, woman gives delegation trophy to hand over to Czechs at the border. Photographers take pictures, shots of long line of bikes leaving, first one carries Soviet & Czechoslovakian flags. 09:28:01 Pioneer house, exhibition of children’s pictures, CU various paintings, kids look at pictures, boy shows his wood sculpture self portrait, shots of paintings & their owners. 09:28:59 “Welcome”. Moscow’s train station; Kiev train arrives at platform, greeted by crowds, Ukrainian artists, writers & other guests greeted w/ flowers. high angle people. Ukrainian artists on the podium, LS podium, USSR national artist Caryev(?) welcomes guests, applause. 09:29:45 ‘Abroad’. Havana, Cuba huge cheering crowds applaud, 1st National Congress of Municipal Education, shot of Fidel Castro on the stage, speaker on the stage thanks revolutionary government for educating their nation, audience give standing applause. Castro at microphone speaks & gestures, LS stage, Castro’s speech from various angles, applause. NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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