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Russian News of the Day 1961 #12 March

Reel Number: 221328-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Ceylon,France,Kazakhstan,Russia,USSR

Location: Alma,Ata,Celynnagrad,Moscow,Paris

TC Begins: 09:52:02

TC Ends: 10:03:02

Duration: 00:11:00

Russian News of the Day 1961 #12 March ‘Warm meeting in Alma-Ata’. High angle city, people greet their guest Khrushchev, kids give flowers. Big meeting hall, K. w/ other VIPs on stage applaud, LS stage. On podium 1st Secretary of Kazakhstan Communist party Kunayev (?), shots of speaker & audience, applause. Man brings lamb on stage & presents to K. who holds it, laughter, applause, farmers give K. giant corn plant, audience applauds. K. presented w/ medal of honor, hug, kiss, applause. 09:54:45 ‘Towards 22nd Congress of CPSU’. Winter, steam shovel clears way for railway line construction, men thru deep snow, fall big trees. Big railroad track laying machinery, CU workers. 09:55:51 Stormy Baltic sea, big waves, fishing ship on water, CU fishermen on board, pull in fishnets w/ fish, pour salt over fish & pack them into barrels. Other fishing boats. 09:56:42 Moscow airport, plane arrives, Finance Minister of Ceylon Felix Bandaranaike exits, greeted by USSR finance minister Garbuzov and other VIPs. Kremlin, Kosygin meets Bandaranaike at meeting table. 09:57:25 Kazakhstan, newly renamed city - Celynnagrad, builders work on new residential house construction site, bus on road, street scenes. 09:58:11 Spring, CU buds on tree branches, tractors plow fields,wagon of manure, planting combine filled w/ seeds, man on the planting machine. People in grape vinyard prepare plants, tractor through apple orchard. 09:58:59 Electrical generating station, shots of electric power lines. Worker walks past power lines, CCTV video secruity camera on the roof, workers look at monitor. 09:59:45 Exhibition of Japanese children’s books & toys, kids look at various books w/ paintings, CU various toys on display, little girl looks at automatic piglet in chefs hat, various automatic toys, kids smile. Robots. 10:00:35 Paris, International cross-country race, athletes run thru park, various shots of runners & supporters, 1st across the finish line soviet athlete Alexander Artenuk, winners on the podium. 10:01:30 ‘Guests from Mexico’. Moscow, performance of 3 brothers - Mexican trio male singers, CU singers perform traditional Mexican songs (SOF) & play guitars, LS stage, CU men start dancing, singers from various angles, applause. Music; Diplomacy; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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