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Russian News of the Day 1961 #18 May

Reel Number: 221424-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Bulgaria,Czechia,Czechoslovakia,Hungary,Poland,Russia,USSR

Location: Budapest,Moscow,Prague,Sofia,Warsaw

TC Begins: 22:40:50

TC Ends: 22:51:18

Duration: 00:10:28

Russian News of the Day 1961 #18 May 22:41:13 Title: Delegation of Cuban Youth Visits Khrushchev. Moscow LS Kremlin. K. greets Cuban youth delegation in Kremlin Palace, photographer takes picture of them shaking hands, all enter meeting room. 22:42:08 Title: Yuri Gagarin Visits Prague. Motorcade thru streets in decorated open top car, huge crowds greet him. 22:42:36 Czechoslovakian president Antonin Novotny presents Gagarin w/ scroll; applause. Gagarin walks thru streets w/ excited crowd; enters Town Hall & signs book of city’s guests. 22:43:25 Title: 22nd Meeting of CCCP. Construction site of huge atom power station. Workers on very high cranes & placing reinforcing rods. Foreman gives instructions. Top shot of almost finished building site. Reactor chamber, chimney. 22:44:31 Moscow. 33 new medical workers prepare to leave for new hospital in Celenu(?) where their help is needed, presented flowers, big crowd saying good-byes. Wave from windows of moving train. 22:45:14 Fish farming in lakes. Men in boats shovel fish food in water for fish. Net full of large carp. Ducks hatched from eggs & raised. Lake full of ducks. Ducks fed outside by woman, then off for a swim in the lake. 22:46:23 Moscow. Cameraman filming as Nikitev family w/ flowers await arrival of French Afman family who 17 years ago saved daughter Alla’s life while they were in Nazi fascist concentration camp Blisalgransha(?). Photographers take pictures of emotional meeting. Both families greeted by Soviet committee of war veterans. Luisa Afman makes speech on camera. Nikiteva Alla who’s now 18 thanks French family in Russian. 22:48:01 Title: May Day. Parade in Sofia, Bulgaria, people march w/ big banners. Communist leaders on podium wave. Balloon w/ poster released into air. Posters - freedom for colonies. 22:48:58 Title: Warsaw. Poland International May Day parade of working people, huge crowds w/ flags & banners (Socialism, the future of the youth & the world) march past officials on podium in front of Palace of Culture, children present flowers. 22:50:07 Title. Budapest. Hungary May Day workers parade. Big decorative circle float - balloons released. Smiling faces. Shots of marching people w/ decorations, model of aircraft. Camera operators lifted up in the air by crane filming the demonstration. Communist leaders wave from podium. Diplomacy; Third World; Space Hero; Cosmonaut; WW2 / WWII Reunion; Communism; Newsreel; 1960s; Cold War; Workers Celebrations; Socialist Republics;

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