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Russian News of the Day 1961 #24 June

Reel Number: 221424-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Estonia,Indonesia,Kyrgyzstan,Russia,USSR

Location: Estonia,KIRGHIZIA,Moscow

TC Begins: 23:13:10

TC Ends: 23:23:54

Duration: 00:10:44

Russian News of the Day 1961 #24 June 23:13:33 15Jun61 Khrushchev speech (SOF) on TV & radio, speaks of meeting w/ US President Kennedy, JFK, in Vienna & discussion of peace agreement w/ Germany, Soviet politics. People watch on TV; crowds listen to radio on streets, in cars. (GOOD). 23:16:00 Title: “Periodic Meeting - Signs of LIfe”. Kremlin palace meeting of scientists from all Soviet Republics. All stand up, applaud including Khrushchev & other VIPs. MOS speeches by: Rudniy(?), Kozlov, Keldesh; others by academicians. Final speech by Kosygin, applause. After meeting reception, Khrushchev congratulating scientists, full hall of people applaud. 23:18:27 Title: 22nd CCCP Meeting. Mountains, Susamir(?) / Kirghizia, sheep run in snowy mountain road, camels eat snow. Man herding sheep. Shots of nature - river, fields. Tunnel entrance under construction & inside working to build north-south highway 23:19:34 Collective farm ”Udarnik” - combines working in large wheat field; grain into trucks. 23:20:20 Kremlin palace - Khrushchev w/ VIPs enters w/ Indonesian Prime Minister & President Sukarno & wife. Sukarno presents Brezhnev w/ highest Indonesian prize of honor 1st class star, both hug, kiss, 2nd class star for Gagarin. All applaud incl. delegate wife (?) 23:21:12 150th anniversary of Vissarion Belinsky in big theater. Speech by Science Academy’s professor, Blagoy. 23:21:46 Outside Tallinn, Estonia sidecar motorcycle road racing. Long shots of race. Winner - Estonian rider, MCU spectators. Riders hanging off motorcycles. Supporters congratulate new Soviet champions. 23:22:45 Moscow youth folk concert. Young group of boys play accordion; boys & men perform Russian dance - Poljanka on stage. Applause. The End. Diplomacy; Communism; Communist Meetings; Sports; Dancing; Television;

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