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Russian News of the Day 1961 #25 June

Reel Number: 221530-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Moscow,Ukraine

TC Begins: 09:24:00

TC Ends: 09:34:33

Duration: 00:10:33

Russian News of the Day 1961 #25 June Soviet Nation’s Huge Victory. Kremlin meeting, 20th Anniversary since beginning of war. Public applaud, Communist party & government leaders on stage w/ (10:19:34) Brezhnev & Khrushchev in military (army) uniforms. 09:24:53 Opening speech (MOS) by Moscow’s party’s 1st secretary Timachev(?). Standing applause -soldiers led byUSSR heroes march in w/ Soviet union flag. Soviet Marshal Malinovsky speech (MOS). Various VIP’s on podium (all MOS). Applause. 09:25:55 Closing speech by Khrushchev (SOF) in uniform. CUs of audience. All rise, applaud. 09:27:52 High Prize. Kremlin, Brezhnev presents Khruschev w/ Lenin prize and 3rd gold medal, all smile, applaud, Brezhnev puts medals on Khrushchev’s jacket. Khrushchev, kiss on lips, shake hands. Others presented w/ prizes incl. Central Committee Secretary Kozlov, Deputy Chairman Uztinov(?), Science Academy President Keldish, Deputy Chairman Rudnev(?), Minister Kalmikov & Brezhnev. 09:29:08 Ukraine. Big tire production factory, men at large automatic machinery, ready tyres on conveyor. 09:29:55 Ukraine. High angle car drives through country road. CU of collective farm’s leader in car. Tractors in field. Man walks through crop field. Cattle herd. Farmer out of pig farm, talks w/ collective farm head. Nicely dressed young people, couples walk on street, meet w/ Farms leader. 09:30:53 Kremlin interior, Brezhnev meets Indian representative Sudimal Dakta(?), exchange speeches, shake hands, Brezhnev smiles. 09:31:31 Yuri Gagarin visits home town, Gzhatsk. Greeted by applauding crowd, little girl gives flowers. Walks thru street hand in hand w/ his parents. On podium in big square, people smile applaud. 09:32:17 High angle seaside. Crowded beach. Men & women on street in swimming suits. Man w/ inflated boat on his shoulders, people sunbath, sun tans. Tourist listens to guide, takes pictures. Group run into water. Band’s music instruments - trumpets, drums left lying on beach. People swim, woman w/ furry hat & boy on catamaran, speed boats. High angle beach, ship in the sea. 09:33:06 People in grandstand of central Lenin stadium. CU of high jumper Valery Brumel smiling. Judges set up new high on bar - 223 cm. Reporters w/ cameras. Shot of world record setting jump, congratulated by coach, poses for pictures. 09:33:48 Moscow, high angle city streets, Red Square. Young graduates meet for summer’s shortest nights celebration. CUs faces, girls w/ flowers, sing, laugh, group of girls all hold hands, walk thru square, sing, guy w/ accordion, all dressed in prom dresses, guys in suits. Sports; Track Meet; Cold War Newsreel; USSR; 1960s;

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