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Russian News of the Day 1961 #26 July

Reel Number: 221194-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: DpRK,Kazakhstan,North Korea,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Astana,Kazakhstan,Kiev,Moscow

TC Begins: 08:21:18

TC Ends: 08:32:02

Duration: 00:10:44

Russian News of the Day 1961 #26 July ‘Kazak Nation’s Festival’ Plane arrives w/ mountains behind, Khrushchev off & waves hat, shakes hands w/ Kazak VIPs & kids give flowers, motorcade to Astana past waving, cheering crowds, Khrushchev waves from open car. Meeting in large hall w/ Kazakhstan's party leaders & soviet delegates incl. Khrushchev & Arganov applaud. On podium 1st Secretary of Kazakhstan Communist Party Kunayev; Khrushchev on podium. 08:23:28 ‘Soviet-Vietnamese friendship is getting stronger’ Large Kremlin auditorium w/ meeting of USSR & Vietnamese delegations,VIPs w/ Khruschev, Brezhnev on stage, applauding audience; Khruschev hugs Vietnam Prime Minister Phan Van Dong, high angle audience. Various speakers & audience in CU. Phan Van Dong on the podium w/ K. raising arm in air. 08:25:01 ‘Korean guests in Moscow’ 29Jun61 Moscow’s airport w/ Soviet & North Korea flags as Khruschev greets Kim Il Sung & delegation; walk past military & flag waving people. Kremlin Khrushchev greets Korean delegation in front of photographers, shake hands, sit at meeting table, CI Khrushchev & Kim II-Sung, smile. Brezhnev meets Kim II Sung, kiss, photographers, shake hands, talk at meeting table, CUs smiling. 08:26:45 Kazakhstan Pan over large open-pit iron mine; large shovel digging & CU shovel operator. High angle filling rail cars & ore train past camera. 08:27:38 Kiev City street scenes, people in park, monuments, city at night, crowds watch fireworks in honor of city receiving Lenin order. 08:28:18 Pan over grain field, swather mowing grain & combine following harvesting. 08:28:52 Large railroad maintenance machine removing old track & laying replacement track. Passenger train past. 08:29:35 CU newly constructed ore carrying ship past on Volga; captain on bridge. CU controls. 08:30:06 Moscow, fashion show “Holland 1961”, modeling suits, blouses, skirts & coats, wedding gowns on catwalk, audience and models, applause. 08:30:56 Leningrad, USSR men’s gymnastic competition; tumbling & performances on bar & parallel bars. Trophies given for first place to Moscow athlete Victor Leonyev. The End. NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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