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Russian News of the Day 1961 #28 July

Reel Number: 221324-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Cuba,England,Ghana,Latvia,Russia,United Kingdom,USSR

Location: Latvia,London,Moscow,Rigo,Tushino

TC Begins: 04:38:37

TC Ends: 04:49:19

Duration: 00:10:42

Russian News of the Day 1961 #28 July “Our Homeland’s Wings” Crowds at airfield, Tushino Aviation Day Parade, VIPs on podium w/ Khrushchev, Gagarin, people w/ binoculars, planes in sky spell LENIN, people smile, applaud, helicopters fly over w/ Soviet flag, USSR space ship “Vostok”, acrobats hang from helicopter, air show plans stunting. VIP’s watch various large planes, incl. M-50 Bounder, w/ fighter jets fly over. Parachutists land near grandstand. GOOD 04:41:15 “Honored Ghana Guest” Kremlin, Brezhnev & President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on official visit to USSR, shake hands, have friendly conversation, CU smiling Kwame. Khrushchev meets Nkrumah, hug, delegates w/ K., Gromyko & others at meeting table. 04:42:13 “Film-art Festival”, 2nd Moscow International Film Festival in Sports Palace, VIP’s on balcony w/ Khruschev, shots of audience. CU Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida; Joris Ivens from Holland; Soviet Producer Sergei Gerasimov, artists Elena Bistricka(?), & Evgeny & Tatyana Somoylov’s. At the mic Festival jury chairman Soviet producer Sergei Yutkevich, shot of audience, big Festival placard on stage. 04:42:56 USSR Minister of Culture Furcova, applauding audience, President of International Federation of Producer Association Otkins(?), applause. 1st Festival prizewinners Producer Sergei Bondarchuk & Vietnam actress actress Lan raise festival’s flag. Cinema Russia, crowds entering, shot of African man in colorful costume w/ big fur hat, high angle audience, LS artists lined up on the stage, LS audience. 04:43:57 CU 13 letters written by Lenin, featuring labor movement in Russia. Institute of Marxism & Leninism presented w/ important historical letters by elderly Belgian professor. 04:44:32 Brezhnev meets Ambassador of United Arab Republic Mohamed Morada(?), ceremony. 04:45:03 Aerial tramway over valley between lime stone mines & cement factory. CU buckets & dumping at factory. Machinery & smoking chimneys. 04:45:37 Snovropol, Cuban youth arrives to study at machinery schools, greeted on train platform. CU students given flowers, square filled w/ crowds, people on podium, read out welcom speeches (MOS). Cuban delegation leader at microphone. 04:46:23 Tractor in big field, new process cutting grain & planting corn at same time, machinery from various angles. Newly planted field & new corn crop. 04:47:10 Riga, Latvia Baltic states motorbike race on wet road, spectators, on the roadsides in woods. 04:48:05 “Yuri Gagarin in London” Motorcade thru streets from airport to town center, Gagarin stands in open top car waving; motorcade arrives Earls Court USSR Trade Fair, Gagarin exits car. Press conference, photographers, Gagarin at microphone, British VIPs present cosmonaut w/ gold medal, delegates pose for pictures. The End. Russian Newsreels; Aviation Stunts;

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