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Russian News of the Day 1961 #32 August

Reel Number: 221504-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Cuba,Russia,USSR,Uzbekistan

Location: Leningrad,Moscow,UZBEKISTAN

TC Begins: 02:00:00

TC Ends: 02:10:32

Duration: 00:10:32

Russian News of the Day 1961 #32 August 02:00:24 Title: In The Name Of Soviet People. 07Aug61 Khrushchev speaks on radio & Television, TV (SOF), people USSR watch & listen in homes, streets & cars. CU of car radio. (MANY SHOTS GOOD) At the end people everywhere applaud. 02:02:52 Leningrad's factory Gomz workers meet outdoors w/ people at podium. 02:03:13 Uzbekistan. Cement factory’s building under construction, workers walking to work. Woman works very high up in the crane. Shots of workers, welders, truck drivers, past very large storage tanks. 02:04:04 Collective farm - Udarnik. Combines work night & day harvesting grain crop. Huge grain piles, trucks bring more. 02:04:37 Guests from Cuba visit collective farm to learn about getting good harvest, Soviet farmer heroine Ergash Oinamova(?) shows group different aspects of farming. Learn how to drive tractors 02:05:18 Kishinova(?), kindergarten kids learning other languages. Big group of children walk in circle & recite foreign verse. Little girls have English dialogue, another girl recites poem to Yuri Gagarin in English. (GOOD) 02:06:09 Title: Great Victory of Mind & Work. People celebrate in streets the news of Major General Titov’s successful return from space, marching w/ pictures & picture posted in Red Square w/ Khrushchev & Lenin. 02:06:29 Titov is greeted in Moscow by communist leaders, astronaut’s families & huge crowds of supporters. Fly-over of large plane accompanied by fighter planes on both sides. General Titov exits aircraft & gives his account (SOF) of USSR’s task accomplished on August 6th & 7th (17 times around world in 25 hrs) to Khrushchev; both kiss, hug. Hero greeted by his family. Other leaders moved by his speech wipe tears of joy. Gagarin congratulates his friend. Crowds cheer. Walk past screaming fans w/ Khrushchev. In decorated open top car w/ K. to Red Square where large crowds wait. K. makes praising speech, people march past. Top shot of parade. The End. GOOD. Cosmonaut; Gags; Space Race; Space Program; Manufacturing; Communism; Communists Propaganda; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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